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Johnson and Johnson’s Diabetes Awareness Talk with One Touch Brand Glucose Meter

Johnson and Johnsons One Touch Blood Glucose Meter Kit
 Diabetes is a lifestyle disease. But once you had it, it’s going to be for life. Millions of diabetics live a long healthy life by taking care of their day-to-day health, and so can you!
Other One Touch items from Johnson and Johnsons.
 Diabetes thrives on obesity and physical inactivity. A healthy, well balanced diet coupled with some exercise will keep diabetes under control. I know it’s easier said than done. I may even be accused for not practicing what I’m preaching now, but I’m trying.  According to the National Nutrition Health Survey in 2008, the prevalence rate of diabetes in the Philippines is 4.8% and not many Filipinos are aware of the negative consequences of poor diabetes management.
Diabetes Mellitus (the Latin word which means sweet) runs in my family.
The blood glucose meter is helpful for diabetics.

A blogger tries his blood test on the blood glucose meter.

The prick isn't painful. 
 My grandfather had it, an Aunt has it, another Uncle also maintains his medicine for the same reason and oh, the list could go on and on. And hopefully, I won’t be included in that list.  I remember my Ninong (Godfather) Nomer+ (may he rest in peace) passed away through complications of his diabetes. But before he died, he had his leg amputated. And for me, that was really a big blow for him. So upon hearing about Johnson and Johnsons’ Diabetes talk for bloggers, I immediately signed up for the said event. I knew it’s about time to get to know this life-threatening disease that’s also called the “silent killer” next to heart attacks and stroke.
Ms. Marjorie Chan who invited bloggers on the talk introduces the speaker.
 I was glad that Johnsons invited Dr. John Flores, the ASEAN Medical Affairs Doctor for Johnson and Johnson to speak and explain anything and everything there is to learn about Diabetes. He further discussed how people acquire diabetes. So why is exercise important in dealing with diabetes? It is because as we exercise our muscles burn glucose. Not only is the blood glucose level lowered during and immediately upon exercise, but there is a long term lowering of glucose in people who exercise consistently, together with slow but steady fall in weight. 
Diabetes expert Dr. John Flores
 What I had realized after listening to the speaker that night, most people do not realize how inactive they really are. As a blogger and online social media support, I know I usually spend hours and hours in front of the computer—but a few stretching might not even help at all. In many people, tiredness and fatigue after a day’s work are due to more inactivity and emotional stress than to the effects of muscular exercise.

After listening to the talk, I couldn’t believe how diabetes could be so cruel to its victims. Arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) occurs to some extent in almost every person, much more in diabetics. It is the cause of strokes, heart attacks, and poor circulation in the legs, which leads to painful calves on walking and occasional gangrene. Cataracts and retinopathy are also damaged by diabetes. That only means you could also lose your eyesight and legs through diabetes. Neuropathy or nerve damages can also occur in some cases, as well as nephropathy, which mean kidney damage.
Dr. John Flores asks the audience who has diabetes.

All of the above mentioned complications could be treated in one way or another, particularly if they are detected early. It is for this reason that the doctor will make a systematic examination of various parts of your body, approximately once a year. Once you have it, you’re going to have to change your lifestyle and the way you eat. And this is also where Johnsons and Johnsons One Touch Blood Glucose meter comes in.  One needs to have a self-monitoring blood glucose meter for your peace of mind. For the introductory price of P1, 835.00 with 25 strips, it’s affordable.  It is user-friendly as there are no more coding, no set-up, and high-low alarm.

If you would like to order, contact Med Express Delivery Service Drugstore by calling 634-3333. For other concerns on the blood glucose meter, call One Touch Customer Service at 824-8736 or 0917-8782218, Monday to Friday, 7:30AM to 4:30 PM.
Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this blog post. Opinions expressed are 100% my own.

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