Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Breville Philippines' Little Chefs Baking Workshop

My nephew Kyle/adopted son is the type of kid who gets easily bored. He hates being idle, so every summer it had become a challenge for me to find something productive for him to do. Be it an activity that is sports related, an arts and craft workshop or practically whatever it is that I may find which might interest him—I usually ask his thoughts whether he liked a particular activity before I sign him up. 
Kyle Madrid tries his hand with Breville product while Stock brothers Patrick and Kendrick looks on.

As a parent, in as much as I wanted to expose him in different activities, for him to find his niche, or those that he truly enjoyed, I respect his right as a child to choose these activities. I do not want to be pushy, so before I sign him up, he has the option to say yes or no.  Just before the summer ended, Kyle signed up for Breville’s Little Chef Baking workshop for kids with Intercontinental Manila’s Executive Chef Alisdair Bletcher, an Australian but Filipino by heart, Pastry Chef Darmo Guevarra, and Assistant Pastry Chef Eliseo Calbay taught the kids how to create cup cakes and Mango crepes. Junior Master Chef Philippines’ semi-finalists, Louis and Miko, also assisted Bletcher and company.

The Breville Aprons for the kids.

Patrick and Kendrick Stock with Krelian Adam Lim.

This was Kyle’s last summer activity. He loved cooking and baking as much as I do. So when we heard about this event, Kyle immediately signed up for this. He had a lot of fun with the other kids. He said he was surprised to see other young boys in this event. But I told Kyle, “ it’s usually the guys who dominate the kitchen professionally although nowadays there are a few girls. I told him men move faster than women, and they could carry heavier loads too.”
Australian Chef Alisdair Bletcher, Intercontinental Hotel Manila's Executive Chef taught the kids the basic in baking.

Former Junior Master Chef  Philippines Louis helped the kids.

I don’t know if it must be because there is an ongoing hype for kids to know cooking and all those kitchen stuff. Junior Master Chef Philippines sure did a great influence on parents to get their kids to cook and work in the kitchen. Seeing the kids having fun, they looked so cute in little white aprons.
Former Junior Master Chef also lend a hand to the participants.

Kyle Madrid and his friends are busy putting finishing touches to their cupcakes. 

A child participant puts some on the molder.

Mango Crepe making for the boys!
More than anything, these kids apart from knowing how to bake and cook with the recipes given, they learned camaraderie, teamwork and how it is to prepare for their own food. When I asked Kyle if he wanted to learn more, he said he did.

Cupcake Rainbow Sprinkle

Mango Crepe

The entire class of Breville Little Chefs

He said he was glad to make new friends like Patrick and Kendrick Stock (sons of my fellow Mommy blogger) and enjoy the company of old friend Krelian Lim (son of my big boss and fellow blogger). “It was a boys-only group and we had proven that boys can work in the kitchen just as girls can,” says Kyle.

The class with Chef Bletcher and the Junior Master Chef kids.
I wish Breville Philippines would again come up with this kind of activity for kids in the future. Maybe they could also invite bloggers like me so we could work hand-in-hand with our kids.  Fellow blogger Charlene Sy, who was there to cover the said event felt a little envious of the kids.  She jokingly said, “I wanted to help and give the kids a hand, but they wouldn’t let me.”

My beloved Kyle with Chef Bletcher of Hotel Intercon.

In the end, Kyle went home with a certificate of participation and an apron to remember the fun he had cooking with other kids. For those interested to pursue kiddie cooking workshops called Kids’ Culinary Class from the Intercontinental Hotel, you can call the Food and beverage Department at 793-7000 local 272.

Purple Plum fairy thanks Breville Philippines, Intercontinental Hotel Manila, and Rustan’s Makati.

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