Thursday, June 21, 2012


Energizer and Nuffnang power my life through their interminable support in helping me make my work more productive and efficient as well as make my life more meaningful. An Energizer battery is something I could easily depend on when it comes to having the longest battery life. It’s really very important for someone like me because as a freelance writer and blogger, I would often cover media events, press conferences as well as other special activities, both personal and work-related. There’s nothing like capturing each moment to help me write my articles a whole lot better with the use of a handy digital camera, but such stuff would be of no use if there is no battery you can trust on. And I’m happy and completely satisfied with Energizer because it had never fail me. True to its popular TV ad some years back, it really is like an Energizer Bunny, it gets going and going and going…Energizer batteries are the makers of the world’s longest lasting batteries! And I’d say I could very well attest to that claim. 

The famous Energizer Bunny from the Ad.

I’ve always been a loyal Energizer battery user. As a young child, I could vividly recall using the same brand so I could play with my walking doll or use my mini walkie-talkie phone with my cousin or sing in my Barbie play microphone. Energizer has played a big part of my childhood years. I know had it not been for those Energizer batteries, my life would’ve been dull and boring as a kid. I grew up as an only child and it’s hard growing up without another sibling to play with. And the toys that I’ve mentioned earlier were the only ones that made my childhood life happier and bearable. Back then, Energizer batteries made sure I did enjoy my childhood by providing me with the longest lasting batteries that seemed to make my toys come to life. Such wonderful memories brought me happiness even up to this day.

My Digital Camera + Energizer batteries = A blogger's best friend

Now that I am an adult, aside from giving me the battery life I need in my digital camera, I also use the same batteries in almost every corner of my nook. I have them on my wall clock, alarm clock, in my fave kitchen gadget—my pepper mill, kitchen time-clock buzzer, on my portable radio, oh my, the list could go on and on…I will never outgrow my love on using Energizer. It continues to keep me going and going and going…

I could say the same thing about Nuffnang. I so love my Nuffnang family. Just like Energizer batteries, Nuffnang helps me keep my emotional sanity. When one works online almost 24/7, there is a tendency that you sometimes forget you have a life aside from the virtual world. And Nuffnang, the advertising blog community family I belong with, makes sure that blogging is not the end all and be all of your identity. Nuffnang provide bloggers like me with fabulous activities and contests, they try to keep the community active.
Nuffnang also updates me with my other passion—watching movie flicks. They hold special movie screenings every now and then. This June 29, they will be having the highly anticipated movie The Amazing Spider-man with new Peter Parker, Andrew Garfield in the lead. I hope to be part of the lucky fifty Nuffies or Nuffnangers who will be able to see the film for FREE at the Powerplant Cinema.  As a self-confessed movie fan, this is one event I don’t want to miss. So I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed that I could make it to the list of invited bloggers.
 I will forever be grateful to Nuffnang for I owe them my blogger friends whom I had been privileged to interact with in person because of the different events they organize yearly.  If it hadn’t been for Nuffnang, I could’ve been one of those who seemed to have gone and climbed up Mount “Tralala” or live a hermit’s life somewhere in Timbuktu and lived in total isolation because of too much blogging and social media that I tend to forget the essence of real friends. I was able to gain real friends through Nuffnang activities and events. And having friends gives me a sense of fulfillment within. And just as Energizer powers my toys, tools and gadgets, Nuffnang fuels my social life—both empowers me to take full control and enjoy my life.J

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