Sunday, June 3, 2012

Dermablend Joins Merrel Adventure Run 2012

A bit foggy and muddy, these didn't stop the runners to participate.

Every running zealot anticipates every challenge that comes with improving their personal best time for each kilometer they conquer. They seek for greater heights by trying out different ways to run, be it barefoot running, a vertical run where they go up and down the highway bridge, but nothing beats the epinephrine rush that comes with running on a hilly rocky muddy and mountain terrain like the ones in Timberland Sports and Nature Club in San Mateo, Rizal where the 3rd Merell Adventure Run was held. 

Actor/Commercial model Will Devaughn even joined the Merell Run sponsored by Dermablend.

 Dermablend, a brand of Philippine-made organic soap under the BCP Dermatological Corporation supports the said event as one of its sponsors. Dermablend’s Guava Tea Tree soap variant is perfect for the running participants, athletes and those active in sports because it’s a superb cleansing soap that has natural antibacterial and antiseptic properties for the prevention of acne and body odor. It is an ideal germ-free soap with its cleansing action and has a natural remedy for skin irritations. 
A participant steps on the stage where awarding rites will be held prior to the run.

The rain even poured its blessings on the hilly terrain of Timberland during the actual day of the said event, but this only posed a bigger challenge to running participants. With three categories such as 5k, 10k and half-marathon 21k, running enthusiasts were even thrilled with the rugged muddy hill running challenge that awaits them at the said venue.

The Dermablend Booth at Timberland Sports and Nature Club for the Merell Adventure Run.

After getting all muddy, sweaty and sticky, running participants had the chance to wash away all the grime and dirt away by using Dermablend Soaps. All runners received lootbags that contains Dermablend Soap bars. Diana Stalder, a sister company of Dermablend also sponsored the said event and had given away P100 gift voucher certificates to all participants.

Dermablend, who also sponsored this year’s Palarong Pambansa, continues to support Filipino athletes in making them aspire further in whatever sports activities they are involved with. 


  1. I heard things got muddy at Merrel but I'm sure the runners had fun.

  2. Dermablend is doing a great job. It's great that you were able to join the fun event.

  3. This is a good fun run even if you all got muddy and wet afterwards.

  4. I wish to attend fun run but my schedule won't fit.

  5. more and more are into running nowadays which is good...

  6. I have many friends who joined this event last weekend.

  7. this muddy run is sure fun! Dermablend did great. nothing beats the natural!

  8. sounds fun! especially the loot bags they give :D

  9. I haven't done this in my entire life! It must be fun despite the mud and the rain!


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