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My first Globe SIM Card

My love affair with Globe started around fifteen years ago. I admit that when I started using mobile phone, I used another brand. But I guess I was not shrewd enough and I didn’t know any better to make a good choice back then. So when I was given the chance to ditch my old mobile service provider goodbye—it was good riddance to bad rubbish indeed!

I still keep the Globe Cookie Cravings Tin Can with me.

So, what made me decide to switch? No, I don’t know if you’ll believe me but it’s not really because of the Globe Cookie Cravings promo that Globe Telecom had then. Globe Cookie Cravings promo was a partnership between Globe, Oreo and Chips Ahoy cookies wherein a consumer surrenders his old prepaid SIM card in exchange for a Globe SIM card and as a bonus, he gets a large tin can filled with both Oreo and Chips Ahoy cookies. But it was at this point where I had my old SIM card surrendered and started a great relationship with Globe and I never looked back. 

Here's the side of the tin can with the Globe symbol and Oreo and Chips Ahoy Cookies!

I liked the fact that Globe has a 24/7 Customer Service (both in mobile and landline), which is really a big help for subscribers like me. My old mobile service provider didn’t have the same thing and at oftentimes difficult or unable to reach/contact. With Globe Telecom, I’ve never encountered such. No matter how late I call, or how grouchy I could sometimes be, there will always be someone to answer all my queries and help is always at hand.

Globe has an e-Load and autoload where I can reload whenever, wherever and however I want without having to buy an actual card. I can reload credits using my Globe handyphone, an ATM, even through the Internet.

See my Gentxt Card? It has expired in 2004, but I still keep it.
Plus, as a youngster back then, I remember enjoying the perks of being a Gentxt member. As a Globe subscriber, I was able to avail of special privileges from an expanded lineup of partner establishments, spanning a wide range of interests—from bars and restaurants, to music, fashion and sports. I was also able to access to some events and special gatherings exclusively for Gentxt members. Too bad, Globe no longer had this special membership card for Globe subscribers. 

At a photo booth of a Globe exclusive event, "Oi, May Gimik" (OMG) in September 27,2008 at the SMX Convention Center, SM Mall of Asia 
The signage pin I got during EDSA Dos.

During the People Power Revolution II or EDSA Dos in the late 90’s, I had been part of those people who had ousted former President Joseph “Erap” Ejercito Estrada. At that time, I was a college sophomore and we used text brigade in order to communicate with each other. It was through the power of Globe Telecom that we were able to interact since most of my friends were also Globe subscribers. And it felt so good to not just witness but became a part of the Philippine history! Globe made that all possible for us.

My very own BPI Globe BanKO card that uses G-Cash.

Now as an online publisher/blogger and social media specialist, I am happy that Globe has a G-Cash services and BPI Globe BanKO, a micro savings banking system where the minimum savings is as low as P50. Both services really help me a lot to save money and buy online deals at a cheaper price. I am also satisfied with Globe’s Unlimited Facebook promo where I can always check my messages, upload photos, and update my status on this social network for only P10 a day. It truly fits my budget and I am grateful to Globe for such promos. Globe’s services and promos are really a good value for money.

Through all these years, I’ve been a loyal Globe subscriber. I am now Globe Tattoo powered. Even as I’ve changed numbers and SIM cards because I had no choice (as there were times when my mobile phone no longer reads them), I’ve sticked it out with Globe. And I still see myself doing this in the next years to come, because I am happy and completely satisfied with Globe. For Globe has truly made great things possible for me. J

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  1. i am a globe fanatic too but lately there system sucks.. i already talked to there customer service for several times but they can't fix it..


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