Monday, November 14, 2022

5 Tips for Dealing With Social Anxiety During Thanksgiving


Social anxiety is a common condition. It refers to anxiety that’s specifically experienced in social situations or in anticipation of social interactions. Common symptoms include a rapid heart rate, intense fear of social situations, hyperventilation, and avoidance of all social situations.

If you have social anxiety, the thought of getting together with family and friends during Thanksgiving might make you feel a bit overwhelmed. From taking Brillia ADHD for relaxation to playing the “Worst-Case Scenario” game, here are five tips for dealing with social anxiety during Thanksgiving.

1. Prepare Conversation Topics in Advance

For people with social anxiety, experiencing an awkward lull in conversation is a huge concern. To prevent this from happening during Thanksgiving dinner, prepare conversation topics in advance.

Consider who will be at dinner and think of at least two topics you could bring up to stimulate conversation if others run out of things to say. Simply having a few topics in mind that you can bring up in a pinch will help you feel more comfortable and prepared to engage in conversations with others.

2. Practice Calming Breathing Exercises

It’s remarkable how effective simple breathing exercises can be when you need help feeling calm. Take some time to practice meditation-type breathing techniques so you can soothe yourself if you begin to feel overwhelmed at Thanksgiving dinner.

If possible, choose discreet breathing exercises (such as breathing in for a count of five, then breathing out for a count of five) so you can do them at any time without feeling silly. But if you must, feel free to leave the room for a few minutes to breathe deeply and recenter yourself before returning to the festivities.

3. Take a Product to Help You Relax

Sometimes you just need a little help to relax when you’re in social situations. To help you prepare for Thanksgiving get-togethers, there is anxiety medication adults can take without needing a prescription. Look for products that can improve focus while reducing feelings of anxiety and stress.

It is not uncommon for children to inherit anxiety if one or both parents has it. If you have one or more teenagers who also have social anxiety, you may want to prepare them for Thanksgiving festivities as well. Look for a natural anxiety medication for teenagers to use and administer it before guests begin arriving. Some products can be taken up to four times daily for a few months at a time.

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4. Play the “Worst-Case Scenario” Game

It may sound counterintuitive to think of the worst-case scenarios in a social situation, but it can actually help. If you force yourself to think of the worst thing that could happen, you can then analyze the probability of that thing actually happening. In most cases, the likelihood of the worst-case scenario happening is extremely low. Once you realize this, you can start to calm your fears and convince yourself that things will probably be OK.

5. Face Your Fears and Create Memories

The best thing you can do when dealing with social anxiety regarding Thanksgiving dinner is to face your fears so you can create memories. Resist the urge to make up an excuse and cancel at the last minute. Even if you end up leaving dinner earlier than expected, you’ll still leave with great memories that will last a lifetime.

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