Monday, December 2, 2019

The importance of having a travel insurance for Schengen Visa Holders in the Philippines

Traveling abroad may seem pretty daunting. But more so if you'd be traveling in a country which requires to get you a visa. Acquiring a visa especially if it's a Schengen Visa (if you're interested to go to any part of Europe such as planning Amsterdam city breaks) may require much from you. Buying insurance for an international travel is critical. Most people might ask, "Is it really something that we need?" "Is it really worth it?" You may sound skeptical about its importance. 

There are many types of insurance plans available in the market today.  As a traveler, you have to make sure the ones you'd be having fits you to a T. You have to consider a lot of factors in order for you to understand before you make a purchase. 

How expensive it is to have a travel insurance? It actually depends upon the insurance company you choose but the average rate of premiums range from 50 Euro to 55 Euro [that's roughly Php3000 and above] for the Php2.5Million insurance coverage. 

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Factors to consider prior to purchasing a travel insurance plan:

Flight insurance--It is the simplest and cheapest type of travel insurance available . It's meant to pay the death benefit to the beneficiary in case of death of an insured in an accident plane crash. 

Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance--This type of insurance covers to pay for accidental death or dismemberment (losing a limb or  two, a hand, leg or eye) while on the trip. Typically, you can get a higher  coverage for such as an accidental death while riding in a common carrier or public transport. 

Travel Medical Insurance--Travel medical insurance is also known as the primarily one that provides emergency medical coverage for the unforseen sicknesses, injuries or accidents that may occur after the effective date of the policy. Various medical policy maximums and deductible choices are typically available. It would also provide coverage for emergency medical evacuation, repatriation, accidental death and dismemberment, loss of checked luggage, emergency assistance and more. 

Travel health insurance plans also provides trip-interruption coverage to return home early in case of severe illness or death of a close family member or substantial destruction of home due to calamity or similar severe situations. 

However if you happen to have pre-existing conditions, you may want to consider purchasing a travel insurance that provides coverage for onset or pre-existing health conditions. Travel medical insurance is suitable for anyone traveling outside his or her home country from a few days to six months or even much longer. 

Bear in mind, medical expenses in certain countries such as in European countries are very expensive and may hold you hostage until you are able to pay the medical bills. Medical facilities in some countries such as in Africa may be very primitive and may require you some medical evacuation coverage. 

This is why most countries in Europe require you to buy Schengen travel insurance before they grant you a Schengen visa. It is indeed important to have a travel insurance Schengen Visa Philippines. In any case, even if you are traveling to a  country where buying travel insurance is not mandatory, you should always do so as having a travel insurance will give you not just a certain peace of mind but also because it is highly essential for anyone traveling overseas. It is after all a wise thing to do. It's best to be ready than sorry later. Cliche as it may sound but it is indeed true in most cases. 

Choosing the right type of travel insurance and carefully reading and understanding all the terms and conditions before making a purchase is always highly recommended. 

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