Saturday, December 7, 2019

Cultivate a Love for Reading this Christmas

Stuck for present ideas this Christmas season? I have discovered stacks of enthralling stories for the festive season as well as books featuring the works of renowned National Artist for Painting, Benedicto Cabrera--better known as BenCab through awesome concept coloring books, writing, and spot the difference activities, finger puppet and paper doll dress up. These are sold by CANVAS (Center for Art, New Ventures and Sustainable Development. They have an array of selections by age or by child's interest.

I read once that a child who reads is a child that leads. Encourage a love for reading in every child. Help your child to know sounds, words and language, and develop early literacy skills. Learn to value books and stories. Spark a child's imagination and stimulate curiosity. By gifting a child with books, you help a child's brain, develop his or her social and communication skills. 

CANVAS also has specific story books geared towards those 9-12 years olds. They even have something for the adults too. Art aficionados will be happy to note they also have titles which they can add to their personal collections. Multi-awarded writer and Philstar Columnist, Butch Dalisay has his book called "Why Words Matter," his reflection is complemented by lyrical artist Marcel Antonio. "Nadia and the Blue Stars" is about a tale of hope and has been used for psychosocial therapy to help children who were forced to flee their homes, either by man-made conflict or by natural calamities and how they dealt with the trauma. There's also "Ang Aklatang Pusa" written by Palanca Hall of Famer Eugene Evasco with artworks by award-winning painter and sculptor, Jared Yokte.

Aside from books, you can also find cards, journals, fans, notepads, art magnets and limited edition art prints, and stickers to collect at CANVAS' online store where you will surely find something that will catch your fancy because they truly have something for everybody. You can avoid the hassle of Christmas shopping at the comfort of your homes with just a few clicks on your mouse. All you need to do is to log in to to get these exciting products. 

You may even request for personalized and customized items for corporate gifts, all you need to do is order ahead of time and order by bulk so that they can accommodate your requests. 

The best part about buying books here? For every purchase of an activity book, two copies will be donated and given to underprivileged children. I mean, how good is that? You have given more opportunity for children to learn through reading as well as help others through sustainable living. The more you buy, the bigger contribution you would have in inspiring children to learn to love reading. 

Other interesting books worth mentioning are "RizalPabeto," a published book in celebration of Rizal's 150th birth anniversary. It is a collection of award-winning poet, fictionist, playwright, and essayist Vim Nadera's poems about our National Hero, Rizal. Using the letters of the Alphabet, he wrote a poem on each letter while the graphics are interpreted by prominent contemporary painter, Elmer Borlongan in the tradition of letras y figuras.

CANVAS makes beautiful artwork from waste materials by upcycling them. Discarded old tarpaulins are given a new lease on life and re ncarnated them into wonderful new products such as this tarpaulin bags. 

Upcycling, in case you don't know is the creative process in which one transforms by-products m waste materials, useless, or unwanted products into new materials or products of better quality and environmental value. Meanwhile, recycled art is a creative work that's made from discarded materials that once had another purpose. Artists who make recycled art take those materials and make em into something new. 

And here's the good news for online shoppers of the said site: Because  it's Christmas, the website is running a seasonal promo of Buy-One-Take-One on books if you use the discount code: L4JPASKO2019 before you check out. Isn't that a good deal? Since it's the season of gving, what better way to buy more so that you'd be able to give more without spending as much. The more you buy, the more you are also helping CANVAS with their advocacy, thereby making a huge contribution to the "One Million Books for One Million Filipino Children" campaign of the organization which aims to inspire children to develop a love for reading. 

The brainchild of this project is the non-profit organization CANVAS which has produced 30 titles since year 2005. "When companies and individuals buy from us, they are also helping us with our advocacy," says Gigo Alampay, CANVAS Founder and Executive Director. To date, they have given away more than 250,000 books to communities from Ifugao to Basilan. 

So far, they have partnered with both individuals and organizations who work directly in the field and with communities all over the country. They make it possible to reach as many kids and give books in all corners of the Philippines. Communities visited by horrific disasters, both natural (such as Typhoon Yolanda) and caused by man (like the conflict in Zamboanga) are some of the beneficiaries of this initiatives," shares Alampay.

So what are you waiting for? Start shopping and help spread the love for reading while saving both time and money as you make your shopping online with these awesome and one-of-a-kind products. Take advantage of the discount code we've given you above, 😉😍

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