Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Build your family an affordable but better home in Bellavita

Growing up in an extended family feels good but just like all of the things in the world, it also has its downside. I grew up in a house with my family, my grandma, grandpa, my cousins, my aunt and my uncle in law. Yes, we are an extended family. At a young age, my mother got pregnant with me. My father, which was then a college student at that time has no investment, yet. By the time I came into this world is the best time of their life but then, the problem is, where will my family live? My aunt, the breadwinner of their family, which has no established family by that time, offered my parents to live with her together with grandpa and grandma.

Yes, the extended family feels good. You always have your family together in one place but as to what I have experienced, you will never have your own space. That is why I worked hard to buy a house so that my own built family will never have to experience that, especially my children. 

Then, with just one click away at www.facebook.com/BellaVitaLandCorp, we have found an affordable house and lot where my family will surely create memories. The one that will surely fit me and my husband's lifestyle and income.

With Bellavita, you will never regret anything. From security to transportation accessibility, they got it here. And I am proud to say that investing in Bellavita will always be one of the best decisions my husband and I have ever made in our family.

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