Saturday, August 29, 2015

Robinsons Supermarket I Love Wellness Campaign

Robinsons Supermarket advocates and promotes health and wellness.

Selected mom bloggers from the eastern part of the metro were invited to participate at the Robinsons Supermarket’s Wellness Caravan held at Robinsons Metroeast recently. Known for being the go to place for fresh produce + healthy foods, Robinsons Supermarket is the first major retailer to promote health and wellness to its loyal consumers, thereby introducing healthy selections at affordable prices. It’s definitely the supermarket of choice for health enthusiasts.

Your Purple Plum Fairy even has a souvenir from the said activity!

We were given a brief introduction on how the wellness journey would be. There were different booths/stations which were spread out in the entire supermarket. The first station was called  Heart on the Move where we were asked to pedal a bicycle as an osterizer blender juices fresh watermelon slices. It was a bit tough for someone like me who isn't really very active in any sport. But I really enjoyed the said activity because we were able to drink the fresh fruit juice later on. And it was indeed a good exercise for the heart, a good cardio, I'd say because you literally see the "prize" in front of you. 

Mom blogger Jen Aspacio bikes and pedals as she manually makes her fruit watermelon juice.
Memorize each brand and products according to its arrangement in ten seconds.

For the next station, our memory was put to a test. Box Your Mind activity is good for sharpening those grey matters. We were given a set of brands and products and we had to memorize them according to their proper arrangement. It was easy since we only had to do the round 1. In five seconds flat, we were able to accomplish that. 

Dare to Touch what's inside each box and guess it.
The next activity was the Dare to Touch Station. Here, we were asked to touch and grasp a certain item inside each box and using our sense of touch, try to guess what's inside. Mommy Glaiza Tominio here tries her hand in one of the boxes. We almost had a perfect score, except for the vermicelli which we had mistaken for honeycomb. But still, it was fun to do.

Fold as many shirts as you can in 2 minutes is the challenge at this station.
For the fourth stop, we were asked to fold as many white t-shirts as we can in 2 minutes. We were a bit pressured since I'm not really good at folding shirts. But I was able to fold at least around seven shirts. Not bad, really.
Mom Blogger Glaiza Garcia-Tominio foldsas many shirts as she can in 2 minutes.

The huge bathtub filled with crystal balls with letters on them

For our last stop, there was a huge bathtub with crystal balls that had letters on them. The challenge was to spell out "I Love Wellness" in a given time. Too bad, I wasn't able to make it on time. But it was a pretty good exercise because you had to think and arrange the letters as you scoop the balls out of the bathtub.
Spell out I Love Wellness

In the end, we all went home with I love wellness loot bags for participating in all the activities. With programs like these, Robinsons Supermarket certainly makes grocery shopping a lot more fun + it encourages customers to lead a healthier lifestyle towards optimum wellness. 

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