Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Kool Kids: Mommy Bloggers Philippines Visits this Liquid Nitrogen IceCream Store at SM Megamall

Weekends are great for bonding with the family. One Saturday, we've found ourselves with fellow members of Mommy Bloggers Philippines together with their kids and chatted over something that even our kids love--ice cream! I mean, who doesn't love ice cream?The Moms visited Kool Kids, an ice cream store at the 5th level of the Mega Fashion Hall in SM Megamall (just across the Ice Skating Rink). It's been proven that just as eating chocolates, eating ice cream releases a biochemistry called endorphin or the happy hormone, which makes someone feel good. 

Kool Kids owner, Mr. Miguel Aransa welcomes the Mommies.

Now going back to Kool Kids, they boasts its process of storing their products after creating then freezing it by using liquid nitrogen. This ensures the freshness of a batch. I find Kool Kids ice cream tasty but a bit thin, not the creaminess I had expected. Their attendants use globes and goggles as a pre-selected, pre-frozen ice cream flavor mixture of your choice is combined with liquid nitrogen in kitchen aid machines. 

Kool Kids basically change their ice cream flavors every two weeks to ensure that clients wouldn't grow tired of their ice cream flavors. Everything on their menu changes except for three stuff--two Best selling flavors: Madagascar Vanilla and Nuts for Nutella (a Nutella-infused ice cream) and Frodough--Kool Kids ice cream inside a fresh warm bun made with doughnut-like consistency (Php90). Think of the good 'ol ice cream inside a bun sandwich only a bit chewy. Kyle and I both liked their Frodough because of the contrasting effect it has--warm on the outside while cool ice cream on the inside. 

                                Nuts 4 Nutella 

                           Madagascar Vanilla

                       Karamel Kool (Salted Caramel)
                                   Dark Crookies 

Mommy Lally's daughter obviously enjoys her cup of Kool Kids Ice Cream

Mommy Bloggers Philippines' Lani Lyutz with daughter.

We've also tried Kool Kids' Karamel Kool (salted caramel) flavor and it was really sweet. This is perfect if you have a sweet tooth, I'm sure that when you order this, you'll satiate your sweet tooth after eating a cup of the Karamel Kool. 

During our visit, Kool Kids also had Dark Crookies--milk choco + cookies + nuts. And for the more adventurous, there's The Hangover Part 4 (milk, cereal + whisky) but it's definitely not for kids! 

                        The Frodough Nutella 

Overall, Kool Kids is a nice place to bond over the weekend with your family or friends. The place is a bit small with limited seats, but just the same, you can simply buy a cup of Kool Kids ice cream and continue strolling at the mall. But make sure to watch how your Kool Kids ice cream will be made right in front of you because that's why you'll buy an ice cream here in the first place--to see and experience liquid nitrogen. 

The Mommy Bloggers with their kids who all came to visit Kool kids with its owner Mr. Miguel Aransa.


  1. thanks Mommy Vance. It was a pleasure to meet you. See you on our next event! P.S. Can I grab my daughter's picture? hihi..:-D

  2. Sure Mommy Lally. Of course, you may grab your own daughter's oics. It's nice to meet you too!


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