Saturday, September 13, 2014

Team Kramer for Uratex Philippines: Why They Trust URATEX

Uratex recently held an event called "URATEX MY HOME" at the SM Megamall Atrium in partnership with SM Home, SM Store, and SM Megamall where they had showcased their latest and classy comfortable beds, chairs and pillows + how they provide comfort to the lives of every Filipino families through all these years. Each family member has various needs when it comes to sleeping since we have different position when we sleep. We can only achieve a real good night's sleep when we use a high-quality bed such as URATEX. 

During the said event, a sleep medicine expert discussed the importance of sleep and what to does to help repair and rejuvenate our body. An average person sleeps 6 to 8 hours a day and it is the required number of sleeping hours for the body to keep at its best. Getting enough sleep is a significant factor in maintaining good health as it ensures energy, mental sharpness + happier disposition in life. If you notice, when one did not get enough sleep for a night, he becomes irritable, moody and grumpy. 

Uratex provides uninterrupted sleep and quality foam because of an innovstion called "Quali-5 Cellular Technology" which makes sure that all Uratex foams are produced with world-class quality. It also shows the company's superior formulation and stringent process through its ISO-90001 certified facilities and top of the class equipment. 

Team Kramer, the newest brand ambassadors of Uratex are composed of the lovely couple TV Host/actress Cheska Garcia-Kramer, together with her family, popular basketball player Doug Kramer, along with their cute and adorable kids namely, Kendra, Scarlet and Gavin. The Team Kramer had a lot of followers on social networking sites which made them oerfect to endorse Uratex. During the said event, the Kramers are happy that Uratex had chosen them among all the other celebrity families. "We used to have a king sized bed," shares Doug Kramer. "But when since the kids love to sleep with us, we needed a bigger bed that can be shared by five! The kids occupy more of our bed and we're so happy that URATEX had made us a customized and personalized bed which I call as Emperor's bed," Doug recalls with a laugh. "We love sleeping together as a family and thanks to Uratex for making sure that we get enough sleep because you could never go wrong with their super comfy beds," added Cheska. 

 Proudly celebrating their 46 years as the leading foam manufacturer in Southeast Asia, URATEX Philippines had always been the brand that most Filipinos had trusted for years. No doubt about that, as Uratex had eon the Reader's Digest Trusted Brands awards for six consecutive years. These were nased and chosen on their trustworthiness and credibility, quality, value, understanding of customer needs, innovation, and corporate social responsibility.

For more information about URATEX, visit their website at

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