Saturday, February 15, 2014

Fork on the Road TV Special: Explores the Wonders of Spanish Cuisine

Hola! Get ready to taste and savor a month of culinary goodness featuring restaurateur and cookbook author and renowned Chef Myrna Segismundo as she takes you on culinary tour around two of Spain's remarkable cities--Barcellona and Madrid. 

Fork on the Road is a TV special that delves into Spain's celebrated food culture and discover why the country is popular for its outstanding cuisine and learn why it generates the freshest and purest produce and ingredients. Take a sneak peek into the cities' hole-in-the-wall restaurants, best kitchens, cellars, farms and wineries. Learn and indulge in chef Myrna's interviews with shop owners, chefs, locals and other members of the Spanish food industry.

Join Chef Myrna as she takes you to rediscover the Philippines' own culinary traditions rooted from the Spanish culture, which has influenced us for almost 300 years. 

Catch Fork on the Road on the Lifestyle Network at the following dates:

Episode 1
Feb 16 9:30 PM
Feb 17 1:30 AM
Feb 20 11:00PM
Feb 21 2:00PM
Feb 22 10:00AM

Episode 2

Feb 23 9:30PM
Feb 24 1:30AM
Feb 27 11:00PM
Feb 28 2:00 PM
Feb 29 10:00 AM

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