Friday, September 27, 2013

Jollitown's new season goes interactive with The Jollitown Kids Show



Kids can still catch the sixth season  of  Jollitown  with a new and even more  exciting live format. The Jollitown Kids Show—which airs on GMA 7 provides an even more engaging and fun learning experience for kids.


This season, The Jollitown Kids Show reunites the audience with their favorite friends—lovable Jollibee, talented Twirlie, cheerful Hetty, athletic Popo, and smart Yum. The show also introduces new friends, cheerful big sister Hannah, techie boy Justin, and the baby of the group, Gabbie, who  joins the whole Jollitown gang this season.


The Jollitown Kids Show also features a variety of new segments, such as the Jollibee Kids Club (JKC) Corner which features exciting activities and fieldtrips of JKC members. The series also include entertaining stories that teach responsibility, teamwork, love for family and other positive values. Fun games that illustrate the value of sharing and perseverance, plus song and dance numbers that showcase the talents of Jollibee and friends are just some of this season’s other highlights.  What makes this season even more exciting is that JKC members get the exclusive opportunity to be part of the live audience. Not only do they get to watch the show live, they can also join the show’s fun activities and games. Kiddie viewers can expect special guests that are sure to make each episode enjoyable and unforgettable.


“Jollitown is all about teaching positive Filipino values in the most fun and entertaining way,” said Inna Gimenez, Jollibee Senior Brand Manager. “With The Jollitown Kids Show’s new format, the interaction between the Jollitown gang and our kiddie viewers becomes real and exciting.”


“We commend Jollibee for coming up with a kid-friendly TV show that proves learning can be fun,” said Brenda S. Vigo, Council for the Welfare of Children Executive Director. “By watching responsible TV programs like The Jollitown Kids Show, Filipino children can imbibe positive values such as respect and care for others, especially for our elders, and concern for the environment. Let us continue to work to be a child-friendly Philippines—a caring and protective society for, by and with children.”


The Jollitown Kids Show airs on GMA-7 every Saturday at 8:40 a.m. until October 12.  For more fun, visit our website .


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