Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Help Lito Casaje fight Cancer by buying his books

Cancer sucks. It is something that we all dread. Many have fought a good fight with it including popular celebrities. Some had been lucky while others unfortunately did not made it. When someone has cancer, we knew how difficult it could be both for the patient and the family that surrounds him. It seemed like the entire family has cancer.  It is truly a rough time because even if there are alternative medicines and chemotherapy, itvis a process in which the patient agrees to put "toxic" substances into his body and his system just to kill the cancerous cells inside him.

The name Lito Casaje may ring a bell for most people, especially  if you're into theatre or the arts. The multi hyphenated Lito Casaje who also happens to be an award winning playwright and veteran director is in dire need of our help right now as he's suffering from lymphoma--a certain kind of cancer. Casaje, for those who are not familiar with him is the president and founder of Dramatis Personae which he founded in 1989--an alternative theater is also a stage actor, scriptwriter/screenwriter, photographer, video and movie director (he did the film Batang Pro in 1999 with Golden Harvest Films of Regal.)

Also known as Dr. Carlito P. Casaje outside of theater and show business, he's a licensed optometrist (Doctor of Optometry, CEU 1977) and he's from the famous Casaje clan that owns Casaje Optical. He was a professor and chairman of production design at De La Salle College of Saint Benilde, chairman and professor of the Department of Language and Mass Communication at La Consolacion College-Manila. He also taught at the San Sebastián College Manila and at Thames International Business School.

Lito Casaje needs our help. This blogger is calling the attention of his former students and fellow teachers as well as those whose lives he was able to touch and those who had read and seen his works. It's time to do our share and help this man who has certainly contributed a lot to the industry and to the field of learning. For someone who has selflessly shared his knowledge and passion for the arts, we are appealing that it is time we do our share by helping him pay for his regular chemotherapy treatments.

How can you help Lito: there are actually Three Ways to help Professor and Director Lito:
1. Pray for his good health and may he be on his way to complete wellness.
2. Purchase his books. By doing so, you will become a great help to him. Every book you purchase will certainly go to his chemo treatment.
3. If you have time, go and visit him. He needs help emotionally as we'll. Knowing fully well that there are people that still needs him and inspires him will certainly uplift his spirit more.

As they say in Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom, there will always be some teachers that will make you realize who you wanted to be, someone who will inspire youto achieve more, to become who they really are meant to become. And for those who were lucky enough to meet Lito Casaje, you know within your hearts he's such a good man with a huge heart. So it's time to give back and do your share.

If you don't know Lito Casaje but have been touched by his masterpieces, please share this blog link so that more and more people will learn about him and will be able to help him. Please spread the word. Should you be interested to buy his books, Lito Casaje's books are available at UP Diliman Bookstores. Or you may contact his good friend, Juno Parungao at 09209112087 or 09178358335

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