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 Nestle Philippines recently invited selected (not to mention lucky) bloggers to an exclusive bloggers’ Christmas party held at the Nestle Philippines main office in Rockwell Center, Makati City. Ms. Aurora Alipao, Nestle Consumer Services Head warmly welcomed the bloggers who came. Being a Nestle Club member for so many years now, it felt like coming home to a long lost relative after seeing the different improvements on the Julius Maggi Kitchen where the said party was held. You see, I used to frequent the JMK before I had considered taking my pastry and baking courses back then. I remember taking down notes even if the Nestle staff would be giving out printed recipes. And yes, I could recall the free flowing of Nescafe coffee or Milo from the vendo machine. Oh, it’s so nice to reminisce the old times!

Bloggers Jing Javier and Lariza Garcia
 The last time I was in the Nestle office, I remember being invited by TV5’s Mr. Carlo Ople for the Nestle 100 Years. I was so happy to cover that momentous event on my blog and I’d say that it had been the highest hits of page views on PurplePlum Fairy. I had also been privileged to encounter and shook Mr. John Miller’s hands. It was indeed a very humbling experience because Mr. Miller is the President of Nestle SA. In a brief encounter with him (although my “nose bleeds” for my grasp of proper conversational English), I no longer wonder why Nestle Philippines became a brand that Filipinos have trusted for years. He was a levelheaded man with a strong keen for details and genuine care and concern for consumers. I grew up using Nestle products but I had started patronizing more Nestle products after I had met Mr. Miller.

Ma'am Au Alipao, Ms. Leslie and the resident Nutritionist. 

Chef Tess, Sir Lester and another Nestle exec.
 Now, going back to the Christmas Party that Nestle had given for bloggers, I guess I had been really lucky to be a part of it.  Although Ms. Alipao and I had only closely exchanged brief conversations before, I was more than happy to see her again as well as Chef Tess Sutillo (with whom I’ve learned the basics of cooking). I felt really flattered to have been part of this party. There were foods: tokwa’t baboy, pancit canton, leche flan, lumpiang shanghai, fresh lumpia, roasted chicken, roasted pork, caramel yema cake, soda, juices etc.

There was even a game where bloggers were divided into two teams, there were questions about nutrition and we just had to answer true or false. While having fun, it was great in a way because we’re able to learn more about nutrition as NestlĂ©’s resident nutritionist was there to explain to us everything. In the end, even if we lost the game, we gained some information on proper nutrition.
The lovely Ms. Lace welcomed us all.

Our current NIDO favorite Fortified Melon!

Fresh Lumpia

Grilled Barbecue

Caramel cake for those with sweet tooth

Leche flan

Lumpiang Shanghai

JMK Loot bags were filled with Nestle products.

My Kyle loved these Koko Krunch Duo and more!
 What I loved most about Nestle aside from the products are the warmth of its people. They all seemed like family to me and hopefully I’d get to see them more often.

Purple Plum Fairy thanks Ms. Lariza Garcia, Ms. Au Alipao, Chef Tess Sutillo, Ms. Lace, Ms. Leslie, Sir Lester and all the Nestle executives who made us felt like real family that day.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!

Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this post. Opinions expressed are 100% my own. 

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  1. it would've been a nice experience to be invited by Nestle. I love their products, too! :)


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