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You can't miss the signage up front.

In the maddening rush of the present world, stress is an adversary. Too much of it can wreak havoc on our health, and in worse cases might even send you early six feet below the ground. And as we age, life becomes more frantic, responsibilities heavier, and high-level stress. No wonder people look for more ways to reduce stress by going to the spa to unwind and relax and they are also becoming more health-conscious.
The inviting sign that tells you to come in.
I’m not particularly finicky when it comes to having a massage done, but there are two services I’ve recently fallen in love with at Nuat Thai Libis during my recent visit. Nuat Thai is a foot and body massage spa targeting clientele whose idea of pampering is simple, unhurried, yet relaxing, and still very affordable. Starting with one branch based in Cebu, it has grown to become a franchiser with branches all over the country.
Soft comfy couches welcomes you in.

The minute you enter Nuat Thai, a relaxing scent of peppermint wafts in the air to calm you. Their courteous and friendly staff will then welcome you. They have two types of bed--a floor bed for the Thai massage where you'll be having stretching and all plus an elevated bed that's perfect for Swedish and Aromatherapy massages. 

I instantly fell for Nuat Thai’s signature foot massage. Among all my body parts, it’s really my feet that’s overused and abused given the fact that it needs to carry more than 200 pounds of body weight each day just to get me where I need to go. And so this foot reflexology massage is perfect for my tired, abused and overworked feet. It’s so hard to put into words that sense of pleasure I felt while I was having my massage. My therapist used a Thai wooden stick to further hit the pressure points on my feet. All I could remember was that feeling where all I could say was that I was in total bliss! In all honesty, THAT was the BEST foot massage I had ever been into. In fact, while I was having my foot massage, I couldn’t help but Tweet right away how “saraaap” it was. Oh, and yes, they have a free unlimited wi-fi access.
Floor Beds for Thai massage.
Yes, that was how GOOD the foot massage was. I vow to come back to Nuat Thai Libis for some more pretty soon. I would highly recommend Nuat Thai’s signature foot massage to anyone.  And for one hour of foot pampering heavenly experience at Php250, that’s affordable enough. I know if my pair of feet could talk at that moment, it had probably thanked me that I’ve finally showed some mercy for its hard work.
Elevated beds for Swedish and Aromatherapy massages.

Super comfy chairs for foot massage that may bring you to la-la Slumberland!

A choice of massage oils: Lavender, Green Tea and Eucalpytus.
 You also have an option which oils you'd want to use: Lavender, Green Tea and Eucalyptus. Being a sucker for something menthol or peppermint, I chose the latter without any extra charge. 
Cute foot wash at Nuat Thai.

Enclosed shower for your needs.

Warm Herbal Balls infused with Thai herbs to treat lactic acids. 

I was able to try Nuat Thai’s aromatherapy massage with herbal balls (good for an hour and a half massage). Herbal balls are infused with mixed herbals from Thailand. Warm herbal balls are believed to help get rid of lactic acids (lamig) in our bodies. My massage therapists instantly hit pressure points of my body and deftly crush the nodules. Geez, it felt like I had been to heaven because it just spells happiness. Unlike in other spa I went to, the scalp massage was awesome—they do not pull the hair or strangle any of its strands. It was just pure scalp massage. Before I even left Nuat Thai that night, I know that I am truly pampered from the strands of my hair to the tips of my toes. 

Its trademark touch therapy, soothing ambiance, dim lighting, soft music, and aromatherapy + courteous Cebuano staff make Nuat Thai definitely the place of rest you’d want to escape to again and again. 

The staff of Nuat Thai Libis

Visit Nuat Thai Libis at the 2nd Floor of #90 E. Rodriguez Jr. Avenue, Quezon City (Across Shopwise, above Allied Bank and RCBC)
Call them and book for appointments at 477-5004.
Purple Plum Fairy thanks Ms. Janine Go, owner of Nuat Thai Libis, Ms. Catherine Joanne Tan for the invite, and the staff of Nuat Thai Libis.

Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this post. Opinions expressed are 100% my own. 

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  1. havent tried Nuat Thai's branch at Libis but I love their massage and services. I've been a regular customer at their Makati branch and love it to bits. :)

    They also had a promo posted on Metrodeal, do check it out! Nuat Thai


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