Sunday, July 15, 2012


Ever wonder how a housefly sees or how does he manages to walk through the ceiling? How about how a giant squid swims when he doesn’t even have fins? What about the chameleon, how does it changes its colors?

These are just some of the creatures that children can not only learn about, but also experience firsthand as NIDO FORTIFIED SCIENCE DISCOVERY CENTER opens its newest exhibit, THE ROBOT ZOO. A traveling exhibit that has already toured science and natural history museums and zoos across the globe, The Robot Zoo is now in the country for a limited time only (from July to January 2013). “The Robot Zoo serves as a bird’s eye view to more exciting things we have in store for our re-launch soon,” enthuses Arturo Carballo, Senior Operations manager of Nido Fortified Science Discovery Center. “We brought the Robot Zoo in the Philippines to provide new fun learning experience and accommodate more guests and visitors in our facilities. We’re thrilled about revamping our exhibits with fresh new materials for everyone to enjoy,” Carballo adds.

 Developed by Evergreen Exhibits based on the book “The Robot Zoo”, the exhibit reveals the fascinating biomechanics of animals through larger-than-life robotic constructs that features cutways which expose the animal’s insides. Guests can easily recognize the machine parts and gadgets like shock absorbers and pumps that demonstrate how these animals function.
The creatures and beasts featured in the said exhibit were a giant squid with 18-foot tentacles, a housefly with 10-foot wingspan, a giraffe whose head and neck along stretch nine feet tall. There were also platypus (yes, based on the real one and not Phineas and Ferb’s pet Perry), bat, grasshopper, chameleon and more. What makes The Robot Zoo different? It has interactive features and activities that will surely give visitors especially kids hands-on fun and excitement.

 Kyle, my beloved nephew enjoyed all the activities and the entire exhibit. But he liked the Hang Time—where one could challenge his skills to hang on a bar like a bat. Kyle lasted for only 30 seconds and a girl beat him with 50 seconds! There was also a Tortoise Race—where three to four kids had to wear a tortoise back and crawl for a race. This time, Kyle had won twice in a row! He also liked the Chameleon Wall, a photo op section where kids and kids-at-heart can easily blend well into a wall. There was also Swat The Fly Activity area, computer aided touch-screen games, among many others.

Mommies, come and check out The Robot Zoo at the Nido Fortified Science Discovery Center in SM Mall of Asia—it gives guests an access to cutting-edge attractions, not only to encourage inquisitive minds but also to promote mankind’s never-ending thirst for knowledge.
Witness how the magic of nature comes to life in the astonishing robot animals featured in The Robot Zoo. Your kids and those with young hearts will definitely enjoy and love it!

Admission to The Robot Zoo is affordable at P200 per head. They even have a budget saver bundled promo of admissions to both The Robot Zoo and Nido Science Discovery Center for only P500 per head—that saves you about P30!

The Robot Zoo is located at the 2nd floor of Nido Fortified Science Discovery Center, Exhibit Hall, South Side Entertainment Mall, SM Mall of Asia. Call (02) 556-0331 or (02) 556-2193.

Purple Plum Fairy thanks Ms. Divine Caraecle for the invite. 
Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this post. Opinions expressed are 100% my own. 

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