Sunday, November 21, 2010

What I learned from Plants vs. Zombies

The zombies about to eat the plants while being shoot by peas.

I don't understand why Kyle had been wanting or should I say yearning to play this game called Plants vs. Zombies. He'd been bugging me for ages. I made him explain why he wanted to play something like this. He further discussed the mechanics of this game and he had done this with much enthusiasm. I'm sorry if I seemed to have lived on another planet, but I have not heard of Plants vs. Zombies until Kyle told me about it. You see, I am not into video games. NEVER, not even when kids back then were so into Super Mario and his brother Luigi or Atari or Street Fighter, not even Pacman.Call me a killed joy, but it never had my interest. I remember being fascinated with computers, but I would only watch when someone is playing a video game, but for me to really play a game is probably impossible.

To be honest, it's only when I had Kyle that I started to play video or computer games. But there has to be a reason behind it. Either Kyle did something good or he deserves a reward for me to finally gave in. Just like what happened yesterday. If you're reading my blog, you must know that he had won 2nd place in an art contest last week. Hence, when I asked him what reward does he like, he said he wanted to have the Plants vs. Zombies game download. At first, I was hesitant...I thought, "Why would I make him play this game when I don't even understand the game?" Eventually, I figured, this is better than violent based games Kyle and I used to play at Timezone like Time Crisis and Tekken6.

So while Kyle played the game after I had finished downloading it, I've observed how it was played and all. I soon began to understand why people of all ages seemed to have been hooked with it. It's easy to play.
As I observed Kyle in silence, I realized that the game teaches one a lot of things. Just as the plants need sunrise in order to grow, kids need constant care and nurturing. There are zombies everywhere and you can't always be there to protect your kids, but there's trust in God. And with Him, you couldn't ask for more. Just as Kyle's goal is to advance to the game's next level, God gave us our kids to nourish and protect, but a parent's ultimate goal is to make his or her child grow in wisdom as he grows old.

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