Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Christmas Present

One Christmas, I received a present
A glass crystal so lucid and exquisite
But a shadow in my head was talent
Notwithstanding the artistry in it.

I soon decided this limpid piece to my family I would share,
I would fill it with happy memories, with love, understanding and care.
Our hopes and dreams in it I placed and the sorrows of our
Hearts as well, the failures together we fought and faced—
The FUTURE that only GOD can tell.

But without a blink this fragile thing…slipped…fell… and shattered,
Those careless hands I kept wondering—tears dropped, no word was uttered.
As I looked at the broken glass, I remembered the clandestine behind,
The prismatic colors I thought would last,
And now the answers I tried to find.

Despite the pain it caused
I learned to forgive and still love, and for all the hopes that we lost,
Comfort and strength from up above.
I know it’s hard to move on—so hard to put the pieces together,
The Happiness and love I will long…from the pieces of my home FOREVER.

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