Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Jurlique Skin Care Line

The skin does not lie--what you see is what you get. And as the body's largest organ, there is a lot to see. Today, people are more aware of what they put in, on and around their bodies. I've had phases in my life when I was younger, when I was more "experimental" when it comes to trying out products just to see which ones I'm more "hiyang" or which products suits my needs. And because of this bad habit, there were times when I'd see blothes and skin patches on my skin, I'd also get pimples or red itchy spots and these were the downside of my curiousity. Since then, I've learned my lesson, and I had to learn it the hard way. As I got older, I've always been very particular with what I use and what I put on my skin, especially on my face.

Recently, I came across a product called Jurlique--I don't know how long it's been made available in the Philippines because it doesn't have any print ad neither does it use any celebrity endorser unlike other known brands in the market today. What Jurlique rely on is word of mouth. But in South Australia where Jurlique had started and was made, it has provided a natural approach to beauty for more than 20 years.
Jurlique products are made from South Australia.

Jurlique developed biodynamic beauty products since 1985. It was founded by a chemist Jurgen Klein and his wife Ulrike, long before there was a global buzz about the benefits of organics and going green, from the herbs and flowers they planted--calendula, lavender, chamomile, marshamllow, rosemary--to the product that became Jurlique, at their farm in South Aurstralia. They tend the earth on their certified organic and biodynamic farms, growing the herbs used in their products.
They have everything you need for all skin types, even for babies.
At Jurlique, beauty is defined not by unattainable ideals, but by sustainable conncetions--to oneself, to the community and to the earth. Beauty is not manufactured or processed. They conncet their customers to the beauty of the natural world. I was fortunate enough to sample its products and had my facial treatment as well. Jurlique boasts of a complete line of skin care and bath line that gently but effectively addresses the needs of different skin. Their best sellers include Herbal Recovery Gel, Daily Exfoliating Cream, Rose Hand Cream, face mists and essential oils.

I really enjoyed the facial. I would've fallen asleep if only I hadn't been thinking I'd be late for my next appointment that day. But it was truly a relaxing facial. It started with  a spray of the facial mist that smelled like freshly squeezed lemons, followed by a cold cream, then a warm towel with citrusy fragrant. It was later followed by facial massages and more creams, some smelled of dama de noche or flowery scent. I had no idea what Zyrah (my therapist) had been putting on my face, except that it felt heavenly and I trusted her. I know organically made products are not harmful and aren't tested on animals. I went out of Jurlique shop feeling refreshed, after my skin got its exfoliation, nourishment and the whole treatment package it received. And my skin? It felt so soft, like that of a baby's. It never felt like this with ohter products I use, perhaps it's time I switch to Jurlique. Be aware though that facial treatments are done from 1PM until 6Pm only and with prior appointment.

Jurlique gives their customers free facial (worth P1,000) by appointment for a minimum purchase of P4,000 in a single purchase. Jurlique hs branches in Rustan's Tower in Shangri-la Plaza, Rustan's Makati and their flagship store in Greenbelt 5. For more information visit http://www.beauty.naturalhealth.ph/ or http://www.jurlique.com/.

Jurlique's flagship store at the Ground Floor or Greenbelt 5 in Makati.


  1. mommy vance, totally free ba if i call to reserve or there is a purchase requirement? sana maavail ko pa din ang free facial ko...:(

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