Friday, November 19, 2010

Amazing Children

I attended an inter-school academic contests for elementary and high school yesterday only to give my dear nephew some moral support. He's entered into two categories, arts and crafts and mathematics. But I did not realized that my coming to the said event would make me gushed in amazement! Imagine, blind kids dancing tinikling? What if they injured their feet since the guys holding the bamboo were blind themselves? What about those deaf kids dancing to the upbeat Hawaiian music? Were they able to hear the music? Why were they able to movie in sync with the music?

I don't know how you'd be able to describe it, except for being amazing. I was dumfounded, geez. The next thing I knew, I saw myself teary eyed. It was truly a fun day being with children, especially those kids that have special needs. Seeing them upclose gave me a different view in life. They may be special alright, but they're incredible in so many different ways. They can even do stuff regular kids aren't able to do.

Kyle, showing off his art work. He finished 2nd place.

My nephew Kyle doing finishing touches for his art entry.

Blind kids dancing Tinikling. Amazing!

Deaf children performs a Hawaiian dance. I wonder how they hear the music.

 My nephew finished second place and got a silver medal for his art work. However, he was eliminated in the mathematics contest because he was simply too tired to count and solve math problems having gone from  the art contest.

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