Saturday, November 20, 2010

Goodbye Chapped lips!

It's almost Christmas. You must have felt your lips starting to chap with a few hurtful slits here and there. It's the season to be dry--for your lips that is.
So to avoid such discomfort, I suggest using Carmex Lip Balm. It's  made by Alfred Woelbing and it's been trusted for years since 1930's. It not only heals your chapped and dry lips, but also protects them. It moisturizes and it also has SPF. 
The best thing about this product? Aside from not being tested on animals, it's so easy to carry with its small pot or jar. But it's also available in the slick stick we're used to. It's available in three different flavors, mint, cherry and strawberry. But personally, I like the plain poriginal flavor. It tasted a bit mentholated but it's made in such a way so that it will be effective.
Carmex lip balm ends cracked lips and the torture of having them.


  1. definitely a season's must-have!*wink*

  2. Try it, it only costs P99.00. And it will probably last for about three months or more. I used to buy chapsticks and blistex, pero they're really expensive and because they're in a stick form, hindi ko masimot. Unlike with Carmex, you have three options, it comes in tubes, slick sticks na slanted and the small jar which I have featured. Mas gusto ko yung jar kasi simot ko talaga. It's available in PCX (Personal Care Exchange) with branches in Glorietta, and Power Plant Mall. It's also available in all Robinson's Department stores.

    Super thanks Mommy Vix. Ikaw lang ata nagbabasa nitong blog ko. LOL!


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