Friday, November 26, 2010

Guess What I Found Today?

I promise everyone this will be the last time I will talk about Dingdong Dantes, okay. I have mentioned before in my previous blog entries that I knew Dingdong from way back. I actually have an autograph of him when he wasn't a big star yet, and it's such a privilege to know him from way back and be able to meet him again, now that he's finally recognized in the showbiz  industry. No, this isn't a case of "Dingdong Dantes hangover". It just so happened that I had to fix quite a few things in my room, and while I was rummaging through my stackful of things, when suddenly my beloved journal/diary fell on my wooden floor with its pages open, and inside it was Mr. Dantes' beautifully-written autograph.

I could not help but smile, reminiscing the good 'ol times of my youth. Time really flies when you're having fun. It all seemed like yesterday. But then, that's the good part about life, just like my journal, each day we live, we turn on a new page to write down wonderful memories to keep.

The autograph I was too shy to ask a decade ago.

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