Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Day I met Jose Sixto Dantes III

We met in 1999. I was part of the student council and my college invited him to grace our college fair. It was a big deal back then because I came from an all-girls school. I was basically shy back then, I couldn't even look a guy straight into his eyes and I don't know why but each time I would see a guy, I turned speechless.  Jose Sixto Dantes III was part of a teen television show and an afternoon soap opera, Anakarenina.  He's got a boyish smile, a chiseled face, and braces then. He was a Philisophy freshman then at the San Beda College. He looked so dapper in his white shirt. I asked someone to hand him a paper and signed it for me. Why? Because I didn't had the guts then to talk to him. Jose Sixto Dantes III was kind enough to sign my paper which up to this day I have kept inside my locked journal. He made an impression, a lasting one--he's kind enough to sign it for me despite all the girls ogling at him, surrounding him with admiration.

Fast forward to November 24, 2010...I saw him again, only this time, I was able to talk to him. Yes, I finally had the guts to strike a conversation even for less than 5 minutes. I'm done with school, I don't know if he's able to finish his course though. He had to transfer back to Ateneo then. He's still the same guy, he hasn't changed, except maybe he looked mature now. He lost his babyfats (good for him...How can some people like me seemed to have them forever?). Dingdong Dantes is popular now and he recently won as Best Actor for TV in portraying Cholo in GMA's version of Korean soap opera Stairway to Heaven. We were told that from a shoot in Vigan, Ilocos Sur, he went straight to the presscon just to attend to his commitments. Quite impressive, I say. He must be that professional. And when it was my turn to talk to him, I wanted to make him remember how we met some years ago. But I reallized, it would only reveal my age and what if he had long forgotten that encounter? I don't want to be embarrassed. Anyway, to make this long story short, I had taken photos of him with my Mom, my Kyle and I asked fellow blogger and my good friend, Mommy Vix to take our picture as well. Too bad, she didn't had the chance to take pictures with Dingdong. Another friend,

My impression of Dingdong when he was still unpopular and now that he's famous are the same. I was glad to know that despite gaining  his popularity, he's still the same person that I met some years back with a few improvements, of course. I'm no showbiz follower, but it's nice to see movie and TV personalities like Dingdong being able to keep their feet on the ground despite of fame. Am I starstruck? No. I still like Piolo Jose. But it felt good to see Dingdong Dantes again after almost a decade.

The author with Dingdong.

What am I doing in a press conference? I'll be writing about that soon on my blog. But for now, that's Dingdong for me.

Special thanks to Mr. Richard Mamuyac and Mommy Vix.

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  1. wow, mommy vance bakit kasama ako sa special thanks section?sa'yo nga ako dapat mag thank you e:)


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