Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Sekaya introduced a world of plant-based delights at the recent Watsons Health Expo 2024


Richgail Enriquez-Diez of Astig Vegan made a vegan cooking demonstration using Sekaya Pea Protein

The Watsons Health Expo 2024 was an event that brought together health enthusiasts, professionals, and individuals looking to improve their well-being. One of the highlights of the expo was a cooking demonstration by RG Enriquez-Diez of Astig Vegan, a renowned plant-based blogger who showcased the versatility and benefits of using Sekaya Pea Protein in various dishes.

Astig vegan blogger made a vegan cooking demo at the Watsons Health Expo 2024 

Astig Vegan's cooking demo was a true testament to the growing popularity and acceptance of veganism in mainstream society. With her charismatic personality and culinary expertise, she captivated the audience as she prepared a vegetarian mouthwatering recipe using Sekaya Pea Protein.

Astig vegan's tofu-based ala king was such a hit among attendees

Pea protein has gained significant attention in recent years due to its numerous health benefits. It is rich in essential amino acids, making it an excellent source of protein for vegans and vegetarians. Astig Vegan emphasized this point during his demo, highlighting how incorporating pea protein into one's diet can help meet daily protein requirements without relying on animal-based sources.

Richgail Enriquez-Diez of Astig Vegan  uses Sekaya Raw Actives on her everyday life

Throughout the demo, Astig Vegan showcased the versatility of Sekaya Pea Protein in a variety of dishes. According to her, it can be used ranging from hearty soups to delectable desserts. The author of the bestselling Filipino Vegan cookbook, Enriquez-Diez has prepared Vegan Chicken a la King using Sekaya Raw Actives Pea Protein during the session. With 23 grams of clean plant-based protein per serving, Pea Protein is a versatile superfood powder that can be easily integrated into any recipe from smoothies and shakes to baked goods and savory dishes.

She demonstrated how easy it is to incorporate pea protein into everyday meals without compromising taste or texture. The audience was left inspired and eager to try out these innovative recipes at home.

A volunteer guy from the audience tasted the vegan ala king that Vegan Astig made during the cooking demo.

The presence of Astig Vegan at the Watsons Health Expo 2024 undoubtedly contributed to raising awareness about veganism and its positive impact on personal health as well as environmental sustainability. Her cooking demo served as a reminder that adopting a plant-based lifestyle does not mean sacrificing flavor or enjoyment in food.

Astig Vegan's cooking demonstration using Sekaya Pea Protein at the Watsons Health Expo 2024 was an enlightening experience for all attendees. It sheds light on the benefits of incorporating plant-based proteins into our diets while showcasing delicious recipes that cater to diverse tastes. As more people become conscious about their health and environmental impact, events like these play a crucial role in promoting sustainable and nutritious food choices.

With Sekaya executive, blogger Lariza Garcia, Richgail Enriquez-Diez of Astig Vegan, and Purple Plum Fairy

Sekaya is under Synnovate, the natural products division of UNILAB. Learn more about how you can benefit from Sekaya’s plant-based solutions and get health tips and information by following @sekayaph on Facebook and Instagram.

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