Thursday, July 20, 2023

Performance run proved that shifting to Petron Turbo Diesel improved fuel efficiency by an average of 16%

A field test done by Petron R&D revealed that test cars improved their fuel efficiency by an average of 16.4% after switching to Petron Turbo Diesel. Representatives from the Department of Energy's Energy Utilization Management Bureau, the Automobile Association of the Philippines, and the Society of Philippine Motoring Journalists inspected and verified the five-day performance run.

Twelve test vehicles were subjected to real-world driving conditions in a 258km course that traversed the steep and winding provincial roads of Bataan as well as the rolling topography of the Clark to Subic leg of the Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway. (SCTEX). The following diesel engine vehicles were fielded: (a) SUV -2022 Nissan Terra 4.4 2.5L AT, 2022 Toyota Fortuner 2.4L AT, 2016 Toyota Fortuner 2.4L AT, 2016 Mitsubishi Montero 2.4L AT; (b) Pickup -2022 Isuzu DMAX 2.0L AT, 2022 Mitsubishi Strada (c) Van - 2022 Maxus G10 1.9L AT, 2022 Isuzu Traviz 2.5L MT; (d) MPV - 2019 Toyota Innova 2.8L AT; and (e) Luxury - 2022 BMW X1 1.8L AT.

Regular diesel was initially used to create benchmark fuel efficiency data and driver ratings.
Following that, the test vehicles were filled with Petron Turbo Diesel from a conventional service station pump while driving the same route. More than half of the test was completed after the first load.

Vehicles gained an average of 11.9% in distance. The test vehicles improved their fuel efficiency with an average of 16.4% more distance gained per liter after the second load of Petron Turbo Diesel. These findings demonstrate that most diesel engine vehicles, whether new or used, Petron Turbo Diesel, whether new or used, can help improve fuel efficiency.

Similarly, all test drivers were requested to complete a rating form after each day's run in order to evaluate driver perception of driving with ordinary diesel and Petron Turbo Diesel. In addition to fuel economy increases, drivers reported consistent daily improvements in engine response, engine power, and acceleration. The following sentences, in particular, were determined to have the most improvement by the test drivers:

 Engine response: I can feel immediate engine response going uphill even after a
slowdown on a sharp curve.
 Engine power: Driving at a steady pace is smooth with no loss of power.
 Acceleration: I can feel the power on demand when I step on the accelerator.

The performance run proved Petron Turbo Diesel's excellent formulation as a high-performance, technologically advanced fuel. It has been demonstrated to give great performance across a wide range of vehicles after being enhanced with multi-functional additives and a higher cetane number, kinds and driving behavior.

The excellent ignition quality and combustibility of Petron Turbo Diesel, according to Petron R&D, enhanced fuel energy conservation, generating maximum engine power while retaining fuel efficiency. Furthermore, its proven ability to clean the fuel injection system and then maintain its cleanliness provides superior protection and maximum performance.

Petron, the country's sole oil refiner, is dead set on giving Filipino motorists with fuels that have been road-tested in real-world Philippine driving conditions. Petron Turbo Diesel, like all other Petron fuels, is proven to provide superior engine protection for longer engine life, better mileage for longer drives, and more power for more enjoyable journeys.


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