Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Tips for Choosing a Bra After a Mastectomy


If you are diagnosed with breast cancer, your doctor might recommend a lumpectomy or a
mastectomy. While a lumpectomy will preserve some breast tissue, many doctors recommend a mastectomy to prevent a relapse. Undergoing such surgery is one of the most difficult things one can do, which is why proper recovery is so important. One part of this is going back into the world, but you might notice you need new bras when you decide to do so. The right bra will make you feel confident, whole, and empowered. Here are some tips to keep in mind when you start shopping.

Give Yourself Time

You may feel like you need to go out and get a new bra as soon as you feel you are ready for it, but it is a good idea to give yourself time. Your doctor will examine you and let you know if you have healed enough to start wearing one. It is advisable to wait until you have healed both physically and emotionally to start shopping for bras again.

You might also feel like shopping for bras and bra inserts mastectomy will make the situation real and remind you of what you have lost. In such instances, it is good to remember that there are bra fillers you can use with the bras you buy to eliminate the asymmetry that might make you insecure, especially when fitting one.

Talk To a Certified Fitter

Your breasts will change due to the surgery and afterwards. When you are emotionally and
physically ready to start shopping again, talk to a certified fitter so they can take new measurements and help you choose the right bra size.

Fitters are kind, patient, and courteous, and they will answer any questions you have about your new bra size and the different types of bras and bra inserts that might be right for you.

Consider The Cup Differences

Many women who have had a mastectomy have breast asymmetry, which means their breasts might be different cup sizes. This is something you need to think about when shopping for a bra. If you are already considering silicon bra fillers to wear with the new bra, then you know the cup sizes of both breasts beforehand.

If you have issues with sizing, you can shop for silicon breast forms beforehand and have them with you as you are choosing a new bra size. This is important for getting the size of the straps right, a metric that will be skewed due to the differences in breast size.

Bring a Friend or Partner

You should consider bringing a friend or partner for the professional fitting as well as for the
shopping. They will not only make you more confident, but they will provide valuable advice to help you choose the ones that look best. This is especially true for those new to wearing silicone breast pads and who might not yet have fully mastered how to gauge their new breast sizes.


You might feel self-conscious and even afraid of shopping for new bras after a mastectomy.
However, this is a great step in helping you step out into the world and your post-recovery process. There are lots of people who will help you with this, including a professional fitter and a friend or partner.

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