Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Savers Appliances Opens at Metro Central Mall in Sitio Antipolo, Labuin, Sta. Cruz Laguna


Savers Appliances opens in Sta. Cruz Laguna

If you’re like most people I know who loves to shop online for almost all the things they need ranging from household items to technology-gadget related to healthcare, home appliances and even food—you must’ve had at least one “budol” online shopping experience. Budol with online shopping means being able to buy something on impulse even when you don’t need them. And if you ask me, I have nothing against those who prefer buying online for stuff that they need but if I had my choice, I’d still prefer going to a specific store personally. Nothing beats being able to see for yourself and test and experience an item being sold first-hand rather than when you receive an item online. I’ve had not so much good experience in the past in purchasing items from online stores and asking for a refund or replacement is such a hassle. For my home appliance needs, I always run to the nearest Savers Appliances branch. 

When it comes to domestic appliance, my go-to place is Savers Appliances

Savers Appliances stays true to their name—they sell home appliances and products that won’t break the bank. You can easily upgrade your kitchen with the very best in kitchen appliances at an affordable price but still getting the same high and reliable quality. I stumbled upon Savers Appliances a few months after my ex-boyfriend (now husband) and I had gotten married. We were looking for new appliances to fill our new home and we were lucky because they have a branch in Las Pinas City. And we became "suki" or a regular customer of the store ever since. 

When compared with other appliance stores, Savers Appliances offers a wide range [of home items], with the most trusted brands but with best prices. They strive to provide their customers with best brands and the lowest prices on domestic and commercial appliances. This is a store where style meets substance but sans the hefty price tags. 

Midea washing machines

Air purifier and air coolers

So when I was invited to come and visit Savers Appliance store in Sta. Cruz, Laguna, I had no hesitation. I immediately said yes. It was nice to know that my favorite appliance store is being made available to more people especially those in the provinces. 

Air conditioners of various types are being sold here

I was happy to learn they also have super deals with home and kitchen appliances are being sold at almost a “steal price”.  They have various refrigerators for your every need: French door, two-door, space savers, side by side, twin cooling systems, inverters, optimal fresh zones,  bottom freezers, among many others.

Savers Appliance in Sta. Cruz Laguna is located on the ground floor of Metro Central Mall. They offer convenient shopping and efficient service. On top of that, Savers Appliance 0ffers service when it’s needed most. Next-day delivery, free installation, installment payment terms are Godsend when you urgently need to replace an appliance. I was all the more impressed, not just with the wide range of products being sold at the store, but more so because of the knowledgeable and friendly staff eager to assist you. 

An amicable staff explains something about the item to a customer

So the next time you need any domestic appliance, I highly recommend you to visit Savers Appliance rather than resort to online shops where they won’t even give you a good guarantee for your money’s worth. 

Savers Appliance has around 60 and counting branches nationwide (mostly in Luzon and Visayas islands). But if you live near Sta. Cruz, Laguna, come and visit them. They adhere to IATF’s health and safety protocols, sanitation and social distancing so it gives you an assurance that you’ll be safe.

They have floor stickers for foot traffic and to maintain social distancing

QR Codes for health declaration

Consumer experience here at Savers Appliance is superb. It’s always been one customer, one experience at a time. I love it that as a customer, all my queries about a particular product were answered to the best of their staff’s ability. During my visit at Savers Appliance branch in Sta. Cruz, one of the staff had given me in-depth information about using inverter air-condition. He gave me the right advice to further save on electricity consumption. This is what I love about my visit at Savers Appliance, the staff support made sure that all my needs are met. This is also the reason why I actively promote this store to family and friends because this is so far the only appliance store that instinctively understands that customers are the most important aspect of their business.  

Purple Plum Fairy at Savers Appliances Sta.Cruz Laguna branch

Check out this amateur video I've made to give you an idea of what to expect when you come and visit Savers Appliances in Sta. Cruz Laguna. 

Savers Appliances is located on the ground floor of Metro Central Mall, Brgy. Labuin, Sitio Antipolo, Sta. Cruz, Laguna. For more information, call 0998-9465783. 

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