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3 Reasons Why People Love Living in Whistler


Coming from a tropical country in Southeast Asia, The Philippines, I hardly know anything about the town of Whistler until one of my best friends decided to migrate to that part of Canada a few years back. Known for its exceptional ski resort, it’s not surprising when Whistler became the host venue during the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. Those who had been lucky to visit the place will agree that Whistler isn’t like any other place on the planet. It is a mile of vertical with two massive mountains, stunning terrain, huge snow, a long season with great friendly people who will welcome you with their smile. 

The town of Whistler is exactly 120 km north of Vancouver. They say it’s an honest-to-goodness winter wonderland that’s been recognized as one of the most down-to-earth, remarkable, and memorable destinations on this planet.

Imagine snow-capped mountains are going to be your neighbors. They're the kind you might only see on postcards or on a bottle of Evian. People come to visit from all walks of life and from across the globe usually originally come to Whistler for a vacation yet chooses to extend their stay while some eventually fall in love with the wonders of this place that they choose to make it their new home. Whistler has a genuine spirit and mountain culture that usually brings the adrenaline rush out of you. Even if you weren’t as active or an outdoor person, you’d be a convert in no time! 

I’m sure by this time, you must be toying with the idea of moving to this snow-covered paradise, the good news is there are lots of real estate for sale in Whistler which you might want to check out. Discovering the wonders of Whistler is similar to discovering the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. Now, let me share with you the three top reasons why people love living in Whistler.

So what exactly makes living in Whistler so special? Let me summarized them to you in three reasons.

You’ll wake up to a postcard-perfect magical view each day so every day feels like you’re on vacation

Of course, you must’ve seen a mountain view before. But what if I tell you that you would be getting such a breathtaking view each morning just by peeking out your window and the Coastal Mountains would be there to take your breath away? You’ll be snagging jaw-dropping, eye-popping views like that 24/7, all-year-round, from anywhere you find yourself in Whistler. Whistler is in the Sea to Sky Corridor in British Columbia. Still can’t imagine what I’m talking about? Well, there’ll be a picturesque view with dramatic skylines with jutting peaks and summits framed with alpine lakes right there in front of you. Sounds too good to be true? Well, believe it or not, but it looks exactly like the images you save as your screensaver on your computer. 

Every single day feels like you’re on vacation in Whistler. The cool vibe is also pretty contagious. Can you imagine the mountains are your new backyard? As they say, they don’t call the area around Whistler and Squamish “Sea-to-Sky-Corridor” for nothing. Expect glacier ski in the morning while you can kite-surf back in Squamish in the afternoon when the wind picks up. Now, take a deep breath and fill your lungs with that crisp mountain air.

Whistler is home to world-class recreation. Whatever your passion is, whether it’ll be skiing, trail riding, hiking, snowboarding, or whatever outdoorsy activity you have in mind—you’re sure to find them in this side of town. The entire Sea to Sky Corridor offers an endless amount of outdoor activities for you to explore and enjoy. Among the popular trails are the Garibaldi Provincial Park or Joffre Lake. There are also trails you’ll only know about once you become a local like the favorites Lost Lake trails and the Train Wreck hike.

You’ll finally have a Work-Life Balance 

If you’ve ever been burnt out or stressed almost all your life due to work overload, then you have just found the right place to be. Moving to Whistler can give you the best of balance between living your best and most exciting life. But at the same time, you’d be able to maintain certain responsibilities that come with adulthood. Living in Whistler teaches you that it’s equally important to adapt to a lifestyle that fits the culture. Living in Whistler also offers you the best of both worlds: you’re never too far away from big-city action yet you can still remain as close to nature as possible. 

Yes, it may sound impossible but Whistler provides you with your dream lifework balance. It’s perfectly alright if you wake up at the crack of dawn and hit the slopes to get a good few hours of skiing or snowboarding before you report for work for the day.

Even if you’re not much of an active person, living in Whistler had this ability to transform you from being a lazy couch potato to Ironman in a few months of living in Whistler. With all the wonderful activities that await you--from beautiful hikes, lakes to discover and lots of activities abound, it’s so easy to change into a healthier and more active, and productive lifestyle. Whistler is an outdoorsy place waiting for you to discover. In Whistler, the adventure never ends. You can do so many activities such as mountain biking, hiking or whitewater rafting and so much more. Pretty soon, you’ll build up muscles and lung power as you’ll be able to endure all sorts of activities without much effort.

Whistler seems to cater to those with an active lifestyle. So kick off your adrenaline rush pumping and put your nerve to a test on Canada’s longest zipline with the Sasquatch zipline adventure in Whistler. With 7,000-foot descent, you may zoom at top speed down the face of Blackcomb Mountain and take in spectacular views over forests, lakes, peaks, rivers, and glaciers. From hair-raising top speed ziplining to chilling mountain biking-this town seems to have it all. If whitewater rafting is your kind of thing, you can float along the Green River or you may choose for the more intense rapids of Elaho-Squamish River. You can paddle on an enchanting canoe ride from Alta Lake to Green Lake. Alta Lake boasts gorgeous scenery of British Columbia. 

Did I mention Whistler is also synonymous to unique festivals? Apart from the outdoor activities to experience, Whistler is also known to really awesome festivals year-round. Their town celebrates beer, mushrooms, film, books,and many others. They also celebrate the much-anticipated festival called Cornucopia which is an internationally recognized food and beverage festival. As if it’s not enough, by August, they also hold another famous festival called Crankworx which is all about mountain biking, and its enthusiasts from around the world would flock to their mountain town and gather for parties and events. Oh, and Whistler hosts fitness events that is not for the faint at heart such as The Ironman competition which includes hiking and trail running competitions, triathlons, and marathons. 

People in Whistler also are lucky to have a real connection with nature. As we all know, in this day and age, we all need to get unplugged from the Internet or smartphones and reconnect instead with nature. Doctors highly recommend this for our mental health. It’ll be beneficial to our optimal health wellness. 

Whistler People makes you feel right at home

The local community welcomes new members with open arms and passion because they have a lot of love for this magical place. If you want to make Whistler your home or even your second/third home, the locals can’t wait to welcome you to the community.

Whistler may really have everything that you want or ever dreamed of. However, when you think about it, it’s really the people that make the place more special. While it has the best of both worlds, having the small-town vibe with big town excitement. But ultimately, it is the friendly bunch of people that may make you want to stay for good. Locals will make you feel right at home in their town. They are very warm and friendly. At Whistler, it’s so easy to make friends that almost everyone knows everybody. People really go out of their way to help you out. Think of Whistler is a community of friends or family that kind of help each other. And to me, it is the genuine warmth of the people of the community that matters the most. When you feel that you belong in a community, it's what makes the difference. It makes life easier and happier too. So if a small town like Whistler will be able to love and accept me wholeheartedly, then, by all means, it is indeed the place I'd love to stay and call home. 

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