Saturday, February 1, 2020

How to Use Sodexho Mobile Pass?

You need to download the Sodexho Mobile Pass App

Ever heard of Sodexho Mobile Pass? I didn't know anything about it before until I came across Sodexho Mobile pass after I've won in a video making contest last December 2019. What I do know and am more familiar with is the Sodexho Gift Certificates--the tangible ones I frequently use at SM Department Stores and its many other partner merchant stores. 

Download the Sodexho Mobile Pass app
My dilemma with Sodexho Mobile Pass began after I received an SMS Message from Novuhair (the brand in which I won a consolation prize of Php1000). I was told by the PR person of the said brand that the mere SMS message was enough since it also indicated my Sodexho Mobile pass code. All I need to do is to show the said SMS to my chosen Sodexho partner merchant and I thought since it was a mobile version of a Sodexho gift certificate, things would be easier. But alas, it wasn't the case!

The SMS message I got from Novuhair with my Sodexho code

I had tried using them at SM Cubao but I was told I needed to register first. Nobody told me what to do about it. I had also searched online if there was something similar to my dilemma. But there was none. I was disappointed that I needed to return the stuff I wanted to buy because the SM Cubao Customer Service doesn't know exactly what to tell me on how I can avail my Sodexho Mobile pass. 

I tried registering on the Sodexho Mobile Pass app using the same mobile number where I had received my SMS message (it has to be the same, otherwise, your number won't register automatically on the app). You can download the Sodexho Mobile app via Apple Store  (if using iPhone) or Play Store (if using Android phone). Downloading it is free. But you need a stable internet connection in order to do that. 

Sodexho Mobile Pass
After downloading the Sodexho Mobile pass app on your phone, register using your name, mobile number and a valid email address. Upon downloading the said app, since I'm also using the same mobile number where I received the SMS with merchant code. After I clicked on the Import Mobile Pass, I automatically saw my Sodexho Mobile pass worth Php1,000 on the app. Yes, voila! My 1k worth of Sodexho pass became visible to my eyes with its bar code ready. 

You can also use this mobile app to combine all your other Sodexho Mobile pass if you have that many. The bar code you will see will be the one you need to show to any merchant partner of Sodexho Mobile pass where you intend to make your purchase. 

Good luck and I hope you won't have any trouble in using Sodexho Mobile Pass in the same way I did! 

Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this post. Opinions expressed are based on my own experience in using Sodexho Mobile pass. 

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