Monday, February 3, 2020

OWNDAYS PHILIPPINES CUSTOMER WARRANTY SUCKS (How I became disappointed with Owndays)

Eyeglasses are so important  but with Owndays' disappointing warranty, it's not your money's worth.

I was so disappointed with OWNDAYS. My Aunt and I bought each a pair of specs in January 2019. I was the one who encouraged my aunt to buy her glasses from their Gateway branch store since I thought it was a good brand since it's originally from Japan. My aunt's specs had cost her around Php17,000++ while I got mine for a little less than Php5,000. 

I actually have two pairs: one is for my laptop/PC use which is good for bluelight coating while the other one has prescription lenses. Both are made from plastic frames. I figured there's no need to look very nice for work and in fairness, what actually made me purchase them was the fact that they were really lightweight too which I liked. I actually used to liked OWNDAYS. I even used to recommend them to friends and would even post when I use my specs on my social media accounts.

OWNDAYS customer guarantee says that eye glass cleaning will be free, all one has to do is to bring it to the nearest OWNDAYS branch near them. They also replace nosepads free of charge. 

I used to love OWNDAYS  because I thought they were really concerned with their customers. This was what I thought of them until my prescription lens eye glass frame had suddenly cracked on its own. It was an accidental crack for most eye frames when I consulted another optical shop. I was on my way to an event I needed to cover that day when a I heard a "crack." I just went on my day but I already felt something wasn't right with my glasses that day. It felt a bit loose. When I had it removed, one of the lens fell on the floor. And after my inspection, I saw a small crack on the upper part of the frame. 

My OWNDAYS eye glass with the broken frame and the lens fell off

I immediately brought it to OWNDAYS Gateway to be checked. It was still within its one-year warranty. I left the glasses there since I was told they would just request for a new frame part, I was told I needed to wait for a week while they will try to find my frame's replacement. I was also assured that it would be free of charge since it's still within its warranty. I was also told I'd just be informed once my glass frame becomes available via an SMS message and it might take at least a week or so because everything including the parts are imported from Japan and its head office will be informing them asap. 

My ONWDAYS eye glass with broken frame

However, I had never received an SMS from them unless I'd make a follow up by calling them first--but only with the same information that they are still waiting because my frame still isn't available. 

So I asked them, "What do I need to do now?" Will there be no more frame of the same model/kind in the future? The one year service warranty seems to be useless if they won't be able to give after support sales when their product suddenly gets broken. I would've understood if I mishandled it or something, but I took care of it because I know it was really an expensive brand. What I had paid for my purchase of the said eye wear which I had only used for 11 months doesn't give justice if it couldn't even last for a single year! 

The other option they had given me was to buy a new frame/glasses (of the same style) on a 50 percent off (only for the duration of my warranty). But with such price of having a new lense which they quoted me will still cost me an arm and a leg though even if it's already 50 percent off!!! In fact, it will even cost me more since when I had my prescription glasses, I was able to avail of my PWD (persons with disability) discount. But the said discount is only good for lenses, not on frames. It's a take it or leave it kind of offer. Buy a new frame at 50 percent off (around Php2,500) or you won't be able to receive any replacement because they don't have specific frames or parts for you. Just like that, without any apology or whatsover. 

I brought my eyeglass and requested for a new frame last December 7,2019. The month of January 2020 had passed and still no OWNDAYS frame for me. That's roughly one month and I have long collected back my cracked glass frame from them because to no avail! I was told they don't even have any idea if OWNDAYS would still make or produce the same glass frame like mine's. It's like making someone hope for nothing! I said I don't care what color of frame they'd give me for as long as they would provide me with one, free of charge. 

I was so disappointed with OWNDAYS for they never really care much with their after sales. They did not even bother to give me other options aside from the 50 percent off (which as I've said is still pretty expensive). Each time I visit their shop, I would just stand there and feel like an idiot because their service after sales warranty isn't exactly a good warranty. What they want their customers to do is to simply get a new expensive pair again. 

It's pretty unfair when you think about it. Their OWNDAYS frame sucks. It had cracked on its own. And now they're not going to do anything about it. Instead, they want you to buy a new pair. 

NEVER AGAIN will I be buying glasses from OWNDAYS. I no longer wonder why Executive Optical (EO) has a lot of customers--they handle their clients personally and their prices are all reasonable. I was able to purchase new specs with my boyfriend's help late last year. He said rather than stress myself with the OPMs (Oh-Promise-Me) of OWNDAYS, since I really need my glasses with the kind of work I have, I better purchase a new one. 

And thank you to EO, I got my glasses for only Php999 all-in. I could've gotten 4 pairs with such amount as compared to the specs I bought previously from OWNDAYS  which when you think about it, it wasn't a good buy after all. 

Disclaimer: I am not compensated by EO nor do I want to malign OWNDAYS here. I am just speaking based on my personal experience. And to warn other customers about the repercussions of buying their eye wear from OWNDAYS and to think about it first rather than feel sorry (like I did) a couple of months later. 

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