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Philippine Heart Association launches PusongPinay microsite for Filpino Women

If you are a woman—or care for one—read up! Heart disease may often be thought of as a problem for men, but heart disease is the most common cause of death for both women and men worldwide. One challenge is that some heart disease symptoms in women may be different from those in men. Fortunately, women can take steps to understand their unique symptoms of heart disease and to begin to reduce their risk of heart disease.

Dr. Nanette Rey, PHA President

We've come a long way since the days when a woman's worry over heart disease centered exclusively on its threat to the men in her life. We now know it's not just a man's problem, even women are also affected. 

The Philippine Heart Association (PHA) understands this scenario and in its effort creates the PusongPinay microsite, not just for public awareness in its advocacy but had also recently developed information dissemination on the unique needs and features of the Filipino woman. 

A group of heart doctors collectively known as the Philippine Heart Association Council on Women’s Cardiovascular Health (PHA CWCH) developed PusongPinay. It is a microsite made accessible for women geared towards the many concerns that women have about their heart health condition. Filipino women had to realize that heart disease is still preventable.

“Cardio vascular disease maybe both hereditary and lifestyle induced. But women have to know their non-modifiable and modifiable risk factors in order to prevent such. We hope that through this microsite which will be incorporated in the PHA website, will be able to help propagate the PHA Continuing Medical Education and Lay Advocacy towards cardiovascular care and training in the country as well as in the Asia Pacific,” said Dr. Nanette Rey, PHA president.

Dr. Aileen Cynthia De Lara, PHA President Dr. Nanette 

TV and movie personalities Heart Evangelista and Amy Perez, two influential people from the entertainment industry had shown their support in this advocacy. Both ambassadors had shared their personal experiences on how they take good care of their hearts and how they encourage other women to
empower themselves to do the same thing.

Ms. Amy Perez with her family's cardiologist, Dr. Adelaida Iboleon-Dy
Ms. Amy Perez says she's lucky with her genes. Her grandmom is still healthy at 97 years old.

Here Ms. Amy Perez shares her thoughts on women's heart health:

Dr. Nanette Rey and Ms. Heart Evangelista

Ms. Heart Evangelista on the other hand says that growing up from a family of restaurateur can be difficult health-wise. She confessed that as a teenager, she used to ask their waiters to cut Crispy Pata skins and deep-fry them for her. But soon, she realized the importance of taking good care of her health. Heart values her health and considers it her top priority along with family. 

Fashion icon Heart Evangelista shares how she keeps her heart healthy. 

"I wake up each morning at 4AM, the most would be 4:30AM and then I try to run even within the village. No matter how busy I get, I make sure to run because this is how I do cardio, this is how I make my heart healthy," said Heart. 

If you’re like most women, you’re probably so busy taking care of everyone else, your own well-being and health tends to fall last. But you need to make your heart’s health a priority, and encourage other women to do the same. Even though heart disease tends to strike later in life, it can happen at any age. There are things about being a woman that can make you more prone to heart problems (for example, menopause and hormones).

Learn about your risk for heart disease and what makes it more likely. You can help protect your heart by adopting heart-healthy habits—for example, by exercising, eating right, getting enough rest, not smoking and paying attention to your health in general.
If you already have heart disease, you’re in good company—millions of women are living with some form of heart disease, and they can provide a wealth of advice, tips and information to help on your journey. Remember that prevention, early and accurate diagnosis, and treatment are critical.
Based on research, there were a lot of misconceptions on women’s heart health issues and with this microsite PusongPinay the PHA hopes to be able to give the public proper information.

Pusong Pinay

While it is known that heart diseases are mostly asymptomatic, I was surprised to find out that there are actually symptoms that we women would usually ignore at all. Symptoms include extreme fatigues, neck, back, jaw or throat pain, nausea and anxiety.

PusongPinay has a QR Code for easier access offers focused content on women's issues such has heart news, heart-health tips that most women can easily relate to. When you're fully equipped and empowered, you start to view heart disease as a priority and isn't just a male issue. 

This site is for all Filipino women out there. So check it out now and learn more how you can save your hearts as well as your lives. Visit

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