Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Havana Club brings in the Cuban Vibe at Villar Sipag Commercial Center Las Piñas

Havana Club bar and restaurant is a new kid on the block on that area called Villar Sipag Commercial Center as they just had a soft opening very recently. But for those lucky enough to learn about it, they return again and again for a great hangout and chill night out, quick, fresh and affordable food and drinks or simply for a peaceful dinner with a warm and friendly service. The ambiance alone will make you feel right at home--it actually feels as if you've really set foot in Cuba and not in Las Piñas. The music also gives you that 'chill vibe' even before you even munch on the Cuban food they have to offer.

Havana Club's Cuban-inspired menu is the best way they have to show you the very best of the Cuban cuisine, come and enjoy with them a fabulous dinner or just a few drinks of their signature cocktails or your favorite liquor as you chat with your friends. The essence of old Cuban is always present in the said bar and restaurant, with a special decoration and lovely interiors. The paintings hanging on the walls are from the painting collections of Senator Cynthia Villar (who owns the place). Senator Villar says they have purchased the paintings from Cuba and she wanted it to be on display but they had no place for them at their house. That's why she thought it would be nice to have it here at Havana Club so that more people will be able to appreciate the art works. 

Havana Club also serves signature cocktail drinks, mocktails, sodas, and liquors. Havana Club also offers private parties with a wide variety of service to make your event one to remember. Just relax and enjoy a small family reunion or a big corporate event. Let them be your host for an experience unlike any other. 

Havana Club is a modern restaurant bar inspired by Cuban, Spanish, and Latin cuisine. They offer an elegant, delicious dining experience including an outstanding selection of the finest food quality and service at an affordable price. Whether you’re coming for  dinner (they said they had plans also on opening during lunch) or late night, Havana Club will quickly become your favorite place for authentic food and drinks. 

Havana Club's Paella Marinara
Our server gave us beef dish, which was like a stew in a white wine and tomato sauce and came with potatoes, corn, beans and plantains. It was so flavorful! We also tried another Cubano dish, steamed dory fish with garlic and other herbs on top of it. The seafood marinara paella was so good. I highly recommend that you order their paella marinara when you come to Havana Club. The serving is huge so it's good for sharing. But if you're really a hefty eater, maybe you could finish an entire paellera by yourself. 

Havana Club's Mojito

Havana Club's Ripe Mango Smoothie

Fresh Baked Mussels from Havana Club
 The rest of the food was amazing though and I'd want to give this place 5 stars because the wait staff had really been very efficient. So if you ever find yourselves in that particular area in Las Piñas or if you live far (the drive is so worth it!) if you have the time, definitely check this place out! You surely won't regret your visit. 

Havana Club's Calamari and Fries with dips

Havana Club's Nachos and dips

Overall experience was very good and I would definitely come here.  The price are reasonable but portion is fairly generous. Think of two people one main and appetizer to share would be plenty. 

Our group who came to Havana Club and had the privilege of meeting and having dinner with Sen. Cynthia Villar

Oh and the best part? All the other tenants in the Villar Sipag Commerical Center helps in the Villar SIPAG Foundation because the profit from the rented space goes directly to the foundation. "That's how we sustain our projects in the foundation," explains Senator Villar. Villar SIPAG (Social Institute for Povery Alleviation and Governance) is a non-stock, non-profit organization that aims to support projects geared toward helping the less fortunate to break free from the clutches of poverty. So that means, when you patronize the establishments, you're also in a way helping the foundation itself. It's hitting birds with one stone, right? 

The Bossa Nova singer

The restaurant is very elegant and the service is very good. I noticed that they have entertaining singers to level up the chill vibe. I will have to come back with my friends for them to try some paella. I will definitely be back. 

Havana Club is located at the 2nd floor (above Mushroom Burger) of Villar SIPAG Commercial Center along C5 Extension Road, Pulanglupa Uno, Las Piñas City.

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