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GoTechs Water Resistant Spray Product Review

Go Techs Waterproof Spray

I’ve never really heard of GoTechs Water Resistant Spray before. I wasn’t even aware there is such a product being sold in the market today. But it was a good thing that a friend has introduced me to this product and I’ve found out how useful it can be. 

GoTechs Water Resistant Spray creates a solution that’s guaranteed to be safe yet effective. Other existing similar applications have toxic and unhealthy contents which usually contains carcinogens that are known to cause cancer. This is something really important for me as a consumer, I only purchase products which are considered safe and eco-friendly.

 An innovative product, I am completely amazed at how Go Techs Water Resistant Spray has intrinsic properties and I am in awe at how certain component agents create the desired effect. I consider it a breakthrough. 

Go Techs Water Resistant Spray comes in a spray bottle and it's geared for use on fabrics and leathers. Shirts, pants, and shoes are all prime targets. Unlike other rival brands used for the same purpose, the best thing about Go Techs is that the spray leaves no haze behind and it is odorless.
Users spray Go Techs on fabric or shoes and allow it to dry. Its purpose is to somehow extend the lifespan of non-washable items like shoes or boots, clothing or handbags, thereby making them waterproof or spill proof items that protects its surface.  For clothing, it will last for more wash cycles before it wears off. 
Of course, they won't reveal all the details of the proprietary solution, but I suppose it's composed of various nano particles, dispersing additives, and de-ionized water, which bonds to form as water barrier.
Go Techs Waterproof Spray become a true contender in the hydrophobic-treatment market because it meets its goal and lives up to its promises of effectiveness. 

There is something special about Go Techs Waterproof Spray that is very useful especially those who are active in outdoor sports. You are always somehow in contact with nature and since nature won't adapt to your preferences, you have to fit in. No matter if it rains, as long as you make the right preparations in form of appropriate rain gear combined with the best waterproofing spray such as Go Techs Waterproof Spray, you will find a way to practice your hobby outside sans the worries. And the easiest way to do that is to waterproof your boots and clothing with a shoe protector spray like Go Techs. 

My verdict

We got out hands on Go Techs Water Resistant Spray and tested them on different materials. We tested its waterproofing ability, drying rate, smell, application and if they are going to discolor the product when you use them (this was my first and foremost issue even before I got to try them out). 

I realized there's no need to pay big money for expensive spray. Go Techs Water Resistant Spray only costs Php600 (for 180 ml). It's not really a huge amount considering you'll be getting what you've paid for. Come to think of it, it actually saves you from buying new handbags or shoes when it gets soaked and wet from the rain which later creates molds. 

When you challenge your equipment a lot, especially if you're a bit OC (obssessive -compulsive) like me, you might find yourself reapplying the hydrophobic spray. Using an overpriced product could cost you more than the gear itself and that certainly isn't necessary. We're happy to stumble upon Go Techs Water Resistant Spray. Go Techs Water Resistant spray is made from Taiwan.

How to use:

Use it on well-ventilated area and keep away from ignition. It's safe to do a small trial spot first to confirm that the color of the material wouldn't fade or change. Protect from sunlight and do not expose to high temperature. 

1.   Protect other surfaces from overspray.
2.   Shake the can and apply to clean materials.
3.   Test for color fastness.
4.   Spray in sweeping motion from 6-8 inches away. Do not saturate.
5.   Allow spray to completely dry before using.
6.   Reapply seasonally or as needed.

Forgive me and my apologies for I am not good in taking videos. I've tried but
I ended up with a shaky film. Hence, I decided to share this video demo on
GoTechs Philippines Facebook page. 

Go Techs Water Resistant Spray

The Test

I had used synthetic leather because this is commonly used material for clothing and
outdoor gear. You'll find synthetic leather in boots, bags, hoisters etc. and a lot of other
items you definitely want damaged by water. Synthetic leather was expected to be the
most naturally resistant to water, but they would also show the most damage by the
spray's chemicals. 

Protection Against Dirt And Stains

Here's what I liked most about Go Techs Water Resistant Spray: We know that a lot of sports out there requires one to walk through deep mud and nasty swamps right? And though it is definitely fun, it would be more fun to do the cleaning later a lot easier--and Go Techs does just that. So if you have your first arguement for using a waterproofing spray, think of an invisible layer coating for your gear so that stains will not get nearly deep in the fabrics, making it far easier to clean your gear after an exciting day outside. 

Impregnation against moisture

Definitely the most important reason for using a waterproofing spray is obviously the ability to improve the water resistance of nearly every fabric used today. Even old equipment that lost its water repelling or waterproof features can regain it just by using a waterproofing spray. Usually you only have to reapply it every few weeks on boots or jackets and even less often on objects that are not exposed to constant movement, like backpacks or tents for example. While keeping water out effectively, the spray does not affect breathability of materials in any way. Even better, since soaked up materials loose breathability, sprays can even help maintaining it.

Increasing durability

Another nice feature is that Go Techs Water Resistant spray does is it increases the durability of your equipment. Harsh weather and being outside no matter what season, it is won’t go easy on your gear, no matter if it’s boots, clothing or anything else that you expose to nature on a regular basis. The best waterproofing sprays will prevent your gear from getting soaked and from dirt that enters deeper fabrics. Following that, materials are less stressed and will last longer. This fact alone can save you money when you keep in mind what a good pair of boots can cost, compared to a waterproofing spray.

If you ever used sprays like this before, the first time you're going to do so will probably leave you pretty impressed. A few layers of this stuff on your boots and not a drop of water will get into the fabric. All forms of liquid get repelled leaving them no chance to produce stains.
Still curious? You can check out the product demos on their Go Techs Philippines Facebook account

Visit their website for more details at

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