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Genki Sushi: Best Sushi Train Restaurant in Manila

If a restaurant features a modernized interactive tablet with touchscreen where you could just drag the items you’d want to order plus it also features a cute motorized mini Shinkansen bullet train that will deliver your food right at your own table, wouldn’t you want to try it? Genki Sushi uses two mini trains [Shinkansen bullet train and Kousoko train] instead of a converyor belt which slowly parading who-knows-hold-old sushi in circles. Here at Genki Sushi, you order the sushi you want from a tablet and it gets delivered to you by a speedy train.

Admittedly, I’m a newbie in this type of restaurant. The last time I had something similar to this was back when I was a kid. Anyone from the 80’s who remembers ‘Choo-choo-junction’ restaurant? [Okay, I know I'm reavealing my age here]. Basically, the experience was some kind of déjà vu. But I’m telling you, I was so clueless the first time I went to Genki Sushi. So allow me to share with you the things I had experienced at Genki Sushi so that when you come and visit, you wouldn’t be as ignorant as I was. 

This is Genki Sushi's Kuosoko Train
Mounted above the seats is a tablet where you can just drag the items that you’d want to order and put them on the ‘train.’ Once you’re done, you can just tap the word go. Yes, use the tablet to navigate through the various sections of the menu and add items to your order. You can order five items at a time. Since what fits on each tray that zooms towards your side, you can order as many as you want. The trains come out so quickly and it buzzes off if you won't press the yellow button for the train to go back to the kitchen. Oh, and don't worry, the train stops right at your table, so you can be assured that it only delivers the things you have ordered. 

Here are two short amateur videos of what their train looks like and how it works: 

Now that you've seen their trains, it's time to share the things I had eaten...A word of caution, you might just drool...

Sushi Trio

What is most delectable about Genki Sushi is the plethora of flavours of sushi it has in store. Each and every piece of this savoury delight exudes a pleasant sweet flavor upon bite.

Genki Sushi Salmon trio

Located at the Basement of SM Aura Premier – I must say that Genki Sushi is a hidden gem within the Bonifacio Global City [BGC] area. This Japanese restaurant is marvelous in terms of its food and service quality. Be it sashimi, sushi, maki, tempura, grilled dishes, rice or noodles, I felt that each of them were genuine reflections of the Japanese cuisine.

Genki Sushi Yellow Tail Sashimi (P290)

Genki Sushi Cheesy Fries

Chirashi Don
There’s a condiment set on the counter between stations that contains chopsticks, napkins, a bottle of soy sauce, pickled ginger and use the faucet mounted at your station — it dispenses hot water. 

When your order arrives, the button will start to flash and the speaker will beep at you. take your plates off the “train” and press the flashing yellow button to send the train back to the kitchen. At first, I was ordering a lot of stuff and eating without sending the train back away, thereby I didn’t realized I was causing some delays! I’m sorry! 

Genki Sushi Vegetable moriawase
Strawberry Mille Crepe
Fried Gyoza
Caramel Mochi balls and other desserts

Oh, and you guys should also try their delectable desserts too. New batch of tasty desserts are also available. Worth trying are the Caramel Mochi, the Maki Dessert, and the Vanilla and Strawberry Mille Crepes.
Tuna Tataki in  a cute Hello Kitty plate

Anyway, here are some more foods you should try checking out when you come and visit Genki Sushi. 

Shrimp tempura

Kushi Age

Favorites such as the famous Chirashi Don, Seared Salmon with Black Pepper, Chicken Teriyaki Don, River Eel Rice Bowl, and various sushi selection remain and new menu items have likewise been introduced. There’s the tasty Kushi-Age, 5 different kinds of deep fried skewered meat and vegetable in special Japanese batter; Coconut Shrimps, deep fried shrimps in panko bread crumbs rolled in coconut flakes; and 4 new selections of sumptuous sushi trios. 

Genki Sushi’s fresh and easy-to-serve advantage, combined with its sleek and elegant setting, is truly deserving of its expansion. Other branches are at the UP Town Center in Quezon City and Ayala 30th in Ortigas Avenue. For more information, follow genkishushiph on Instagram and Genki Sushi Philippines on Facebook.

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