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Coco Fresh Tea and Juice celebrates 20th year with a treat

Panda Milk Tea

Since the start of the milk tea craze here in Manila, I’ve always been fond of trying out milk tea places, be it the mall type ones or the hole-in-the-wall ones. However, only a few really stand out with their unique flavors or their exceptionally well done usual flavors. The tea competition is actually tough. 

Panda Milk Tea

My first encounter with Coco Fresh Tea and Juice was when they opened their branch in Gateway Mall, Cubao. The Taiwan-based franchise has come to the Philippine shore and it has so many branches across the metropolis. They’re offering different kinds of bubble teas.
If you’ll see a long queue near the escalator at the corner of Coco Fresh Tea and Juice at the Gateway mall, don’t be surprised. People don’t really mind the long lines just to get their fix of Coco Fresh Tea and Juice. 
Strawberrry Tea

For those who aren’t familiar with it yet, Coco Fresh Tea and Juice is a Taiwanese tea-based drink. It can be made with a variety of teas (black and green are the most common) then shaken with fruit juice or milk, then made with the addition of chewy tapioca balls, aloe, or fruit jellies. Sometimes it is offered with more ice to make a slush or smoothie or even has a salty “milk cap” for that salty-sweet treat.
Passion Fruit Tea

Lemon Dunk

Coco Fresh Tea and Juice’s full menu looks promising: categories of milk tea, fresh tea, yakult (a fermented Japanese probiotic milk), chocolate, slush/smoothie, freshmilk and salty cream. There are drinks which you can order either hot or cold, in regular or large sizes (just add additional Php10). You can also add more excitement to your drinks by adding toppings like salty cream, coconut jelly, pudding, red bean or extra tapioca pearls!

Passion Fruit Tea

So far, my list of favourites includes Panda Milk Tea (one of their best seller!), Passion Fruit Tea with coconut jelly and tapioca. Oh, and did I mention that you can customize the sugar content and lessen the ice too. The 50% was still a tad sweet for me, I don’t even think about what normal sweet would be. I usually go for 30% sugar. 

Coco Fresh Tea & Juice marks a milestone as the global brand celebrates its 20th anniversary.

Celebrating fresh flavors, CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice held their 20th Global Anniversary in the Philippines last May 10 at their SM North EDSA branch where they offered unique fruit flavors to guests to curate their curate their own unique cup of on-the-go freshness.

Celebrity and blogger guests also shared their CoCo Tea favorites: Panda Milk Tea for Richard Juan, Salty Cream Strawberry Tea for Kaila Estrada, Passion Fruit Tea Burst for Camille Co, and 3 Buddies Milk Tea for Nikko Ramos.
Here in the Philippines, CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice marks its fourth year of operation since 2013 and has since become the global brand’s top performing market in Southeast Asia in terms of number of branches, expansion efforts and sales.
CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice Philippines owes this to their commitment of keeping true to the brand’s philosophy of “Keeping it Fresh.”

"As one of the earliest territories to offer premium stores, we strive not only to provide the best tasting drinks but also the best experience. We create stores that are designed to cater to the specific market of the location.”

There are plans to add more branches as well as create new menu offerings tailor-fit for the Filipino palate. The new menu, he said, will allow customers to experience more unique flavors featuring local fruits from the Philippines.

Coco Fresh Tea and Juice Anniversary Treat

For fans of Coco Fresh Tea & Juice’s Pearl Milk Teas, here’s a delicious anniversary treat. Buy 1 of your regular size Pearl Milk Tea and get the 2nd Pearl Milk Tea of the same size for only P20. This promo is available for May 20 on all branches excluding SMX Manila branch.

CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice Philippines is operated by Tobistro Foods, Inc. Its branches are located in the following:

·                     Eastwood Techno Plaza 2
·                     Gateway Tower Mall
·                     SM City North EDSA
·                     SM City Fairview
·                     SM City Manila
·                     SMX Manila
·                     Fisher Mall
·                     Lucky China Town Mall 
·                     Regis Center Katipunan

For more information and updates on the brand, visit the CoCo Philippines page on facebook www.facebook.com/CoCoTeaPhilippines

Give Coco Fresh Tea & Juice a try and let me know what you think!

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