Thursday, February 23, 2017

Discover Flavorful Cooking with Ajinomoto Sarsaya Oyster Sauce and Coco Martin

Coco Martin's tarpaulin featuring Sarsaya Oyster Sauce welcomes guests at the event

AjinomotoPhilippines recently launched its newest product, Sarsaya Oster Sauce featuring its celebrity endorser, award-winning actor and “Ang Probinsyano” himself, Mr. Coco Martin.

Purple Plum Fairy's Media ID during the launch

Unlike other brands available in the market, Sarsaya Oyster Sauce is made from concentrated real oysters, complete with seasonings to provide a delicious blend of savor, sweet and salty taste to any dish.

Ajinomoto's Category Manager for Menu Seasonings, Ms. Pen Alvina

“We created Sarsaya Oyster Sauce in such a unique way to suit the Filipino palate, thereby making more  dishes like ginisang kangkong and adobo more flavorful and delicious,” says Pen Alvina, Ajinomoto;s Category Manager for Menu Seasonings. 

Chef McRhayan Rodrigo demonstrates how easy it is to make Kangkong with Oyster using Sarsaya Oyster sauce

Ajinomoto Saysaya Oyster Sauce pairs well with Kangkong

Ajinomoto Sarsaya Oyster is your new kitchen partner

Coco also shared that he feels delighted to be chosen as Ajinomoto’s brand ambassador for Sarsaya Oyster Sauce. A Hotel and Restaurant Management graduate in real life, Coco says he’s really into cooking. “I’m rarely at home because my job requires me to always be on my toes. But each time I do, I make sure to cook for my family. Unknown to many, I’m passionate about cooking in the same way I am with my craft (acting).” 

Actor and endorser Coco Martin is sandwiched between bloggers Michelle "Macy" Santos and Tina Perez during the cook off.

During the said launch, there was a live cooking demonstration facilitated by Chef Mcryan Rodrigo who whipped up Ginisarsayang Kangkong with Tokwa and the Thai-Style Stir Fried Chicken cooked using Sarsaya Oyster Sauce. There was even a cook-off between two volunteer guests (mom bloggers), Macy Santos and Tina Perez. Coco gamely helped the two moms as they cooked and even rewarded them with photo opportunities. 

Chef Mcrhayan Rodrigo, blogger Macy Santos, actor Coco Martin and mom blogger Tina Perez

Mom blogger Tina Perez feds actor Coco Martin after the cook off

Down-to-earth actor Coco Martin is the perfect endorser for the brand.

Coco sites Beef Broccoli in Oyster sauce, Ampalaya con Carne and Kangkong in Oyster as his favorite dishes. “My grandma taught us to cook on our own. That way, we will never go hungry because we know how to prepare dishes by ourselves,” shares Coco.

“I love Sarsaya Oyster Sauce because it turns any simple dish into something extra special and it enhances the dish  into something more flavorful too,” exclaimed Coco.

Coco Martin enjoys the Question and Answer portion of the said launch

Discover your new partner in the kitchen with Ajinomoto’s Sarsaya Oyster Sauce. Now available in leading groceries, supermarkets and sari-sari stores nationwide. It’s available in two sizes: 30g pack and 156g stand-up pack in conveniently re-sealable pouch.  Sarsaya Sweet and Sour Sauce is also available in 200g stand-up pouch for a delicious blend of pineapple and tomato sauce.

Ajinomoto's Sarsaya Oyster Sauce in 150g resealable pouch

Ajinomoto's Sarsaya in Sweet and Sour variant

The author Purple Plum Fairy's "obligatory" photo with Mr. Coco Martin

Lastly, because my Mom and my entire household are fans of “Ang Probinsyano” and Coco Martin, I wouldn’t want the said launch to end without my selfie with Mr. Coco Martin. Luckily, he obliged with a smile on his face. Coco Martin is no doubt, the perfect endorser for Ajinomoto because just like him, it’s been a brand loved and trusted by so many Filipino families. 

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