Wednesday, November 16, 2016

MATSTONE® Horizontal Slow Juicer: A wonder machine for Diabetics

Daily pricking is something that diabetics like me would have to learn to live by.

For years, I didn't know I had diabetes. That's because seldom do I have my physical check up. And it's something that I regret even up to this day because had I known I was diabetic early on, then maybe my diabetic retinopathy wouldn't have reached its advanced stage. But I'm still grateful that I still have my vision although not as clearly as it used to be. And sadly, diabetic retinopathy is irreversible. I just need to make sure my blood sugar's maintained and keeping them low means my eyesight will be okay. 

Over the years, diabetes has become one of the top causes of death in the Philippines according World Health Organization’s 2012 statistical profile of the country. The International Diabetes Federation also notes that the Philippines has become one of the world’s emerging diabetes hotspots, ranking as the top 15 in the world for diabetes prevalence where 4 million people are diagnosed with the diseases, and possibly a large unknown number of those who are unaware that they have diabetes. While diabetes can be passed down through heredity, factors like having an unhealthy lifestyle and becoming overweight or obese may contribute in developing diabetes, especially those who are in their middle age or older.

Diabetes could be kept at bay, if people would just lead on to a better and a healthier lifestyle, like Lumen Tamayo who was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes after she gave birth to her second child. It wasn’t easy to take in at first, but she turned around all of these ill-feelings about her diabetes and used it as a motivation to lead a healthier lifestyle. As she started taking regular exercise and preparing more healthy meals for herself, she gained a more positive disposition in dealing with her diabetes. And knowing that stress could shoot up her sugar level, she got into short meditations to ease off the tension. Here watch her testimonial video on how she had managed to change her lifestyle as well as eating habits:

As she progresses through her struggle against diabetes, she was faced with yet another challenge in maintaining healthy routine, especially with her diet. She needs to take in six to nine servings of preferably raw fruits and vegetables every day, which is quite an overwhelming task to achieve. It takes a lot of time and effort to prepare all those fruits and vegetables, not to mention eating it with her regular meals makes it even harder to take in.

Fortunately, a friend of hers suggested that she ought to try green juicing and after consulting with her doctor about this plan, she went out to look for the most suitable juicer that fits her needs. That is when she found a “healthmate” and a versatile kitchen assistant with Matstone Multi-Purpose Slow Juicer. It was an easy pick for Lumen because of the wonderful things Matstone can do for her needs. This wonder machine could easily juice green leafy vegetables including its stems, much like malunggay, which Lumen usually include in her juice along with carrots, cucumbers, green apples, and native ampalaya that is known to help manage blood sugar levels.

It is the only slow juicer in the country that carries the horizontal design that is capable of reliable functionality, which guarantees that there will be no stuck up nor leakage while using this wonder machine. As a versatile kitchen assistant, having seven more functions aside from juicing— pasta maker, sorbet maker, milk extractor, ice shaver, grinder, and mincer— Lumen also uses Matstone as a vegetable slicer to prepare her diabetic-friendly wonder salad made from ampalaya, pineapple, and radish.

Lumen highly recommends the Matstone Multi-Purpose Slow juicer to anyone who needs a wonderful “healthmate” as they recover their health from diseases, or to those who want to prevent one from ever coming into their lives and lead a more healthy and vibrant lifestyle.

For those who want to have their own wonder machine at home, MATSTONE® Horizontal Slow Juicer is offering PhP 2,500 discount for cash and straight transactions. This Wonder Holiday promo runs from October 20 to December 31, 2016 and can be availed from participating dealers such as Rustan’s True Value, SM Home, SM Appliance, Landmark, Anson’s , All Home, Abensons, Handyman and other leading stores nationwide. PER DTI FTEB-SPD Permit No. 11699 Series of 2016.

MATSTONE® Horizontal Slow Juicer is exclusively distributed by IAJ Wellness Corporation and is available in all leading appliance and specialty stores nationwide. To know more about MATSTONE® Horizontal Slow Juicer, testimonials, and healthy recipes, visit their website at and follow them on Facebook (@MatstoneJuicerPhilippines) and Instagram (@matstoneph).

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