Sunday, November 27, 2016

How to get Beep Cards for PWD (Persons with Disabilities) and Senior Citizens

I’ve long been offered to get my very own Beep Card so that it would be more convenient for me to ride the MRT. With the long queue each day going south bound for the MRT, it would really be easier if I’d get myself my very own Beep Card, it saves time and money. But then, since I’m a PWD (persons with disability) myself, I’ve decided to get myself the white Beep Card with my name on it rather than the usual blue colored Beep Card. So how to acquire the white colored Beep Card which is only issued to either PWD or Senior Citizens? What makes the white beep card different from the ordinary blue colored Beep Card?

The Light Rail Transit Authority (LRTA) encourages PWDs and Senior Citizens to apply for the special, discounted beep cards which can be used at LRT Line 1,2, and 3 (MRT) and at the Ayala BGC Bus Stations. PWDs and Senior Citizens as we all know are granted a 20-percent fare discount.

The special discount cards aren’t that different from ordinary beep cards except for the special chip embedded in the special beep card which will has the personal data of the beep card user (PWD and senior citizen) appear in the system. 

Step 1: Get the Concessionary Card Application form from any LRT or MRT station.
Step 2: Fill up the application form.
Step 3: Prepare a photocopy of your PWD ID or Senior Citizen ID. It would be best to photocopy at least two government ID.
Step 4: Submit your filled up Concessionary Card Application form at the same LRT or MRT station where you got the said form.
Step 5: Keep the Concessionary Card Application Claim Stub.
Step 6: Wait for 7-10 working days.
Step 7: Personally claim your Personalized PWD/Senior Citizen’s Beep Card from the same LRT/MRT station where you had applied.
Step 8: An MRT/LRT personnel will accompany you and be ready to pay P100 for the card and P80 worth load card credits.
Step 9: Be ready to tap your personalized and discounted specially chipped PWD/Senior Citizen Beep Card!
Step 10: Enjoy the ride! 

Since the said beep cards are unified, it can be used in all LRT-1, LRT2- and MRT (LRT3) stations as well as the BGC bus station. The PWD/Senior Citizen personalized beep card costs P100 (P20 is for the card alone while it’s loaded with P80) and it’s valid for four years. It can be reloaded for as low as P13 to as high as P12,000.

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