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My Tarot Card Reading Experience with Feng Shui Master Hanz Cua

A deck of Tarot Cards

Shrouded in mystery and steeped in legend, astrology, feng shui, charms, divination practices and tarot card readings have been scattered throughout human history for centuries. Even in modern times, just as many have been disproved and tossed aside, we’ve learned that there is merit to some. Purple Plum Fairy was privileged to have a one-on-one Tarot card reading session with Master Hanz Cua, Asia’s youngest and celebrity Feng Shui master. Before I go on further on what happened during my tarot reading session, allow me to tell a few more things about him.
Master Hanz Cua and Purple Plum Fairy during the one-on-one tarot reading session we've had at Shangrila Mall.

If he looks familiar to you, then you must’ve seen one of his huge billboards on EDSA or you’ve seen him on TV as he appears on ABS-CBN’s Umagang Kay Ganda daily. I’m sure his name also rings a bell because he also has a special segment on a radio show called Wanted Sweetheart on Barangay LS 97.1 with Papa Dan. 

Master Hanz was all smiles with Purple Plum Fairy
Perhaps you must be wondering why is he called ‘master’? Well, he’s called as such because Master Hanz truly deserves such title. He’s someone who doesn’t sit on his laurels. According to him, he continues to improve his craft when he travels abroad. Here are some of his achievements and credentials: He is a master practitioner in Feng Shui Course (Grandmaster Lilian Too Consultant Institute), Master Consultant in Purple Star Astrology (School of Chinese Metaphysics-Singapore) and received diplomas in Feng Shui, Bazi and I-Ching (EBH Institute Singapore), Masters in Chinese Astrology and in Face Reading (Master Academy Joey Yap, Malaysia), Certified Tarot Reader (Universal Class Florida USA), Basic and Advance ESP Course (Innermind Development Institute by Jimmy Licauco) and he’s also a registered nurse specializing in psychology, hypnosis and life coaching. 

I’m no expert but I believe we can use the help of tarot cards to explore the energies that surrounds us. The Tarot connects us with our ‘higher self’ and will serve as our guide. It doesn’t necessarily follow that they will show and cast in concrete our future. But instead they show a potential future based on your current actions. If you like what you see in a reading, continue on your current path. If you’d prefer to change what you see in a reading, change your behaviors  and beliefs. 

The Tarot reading session started with Master  Hanz by giving me some insights about my past, present and future. As he told me, a Tarot card reading session can help you  make decisions in various areas of your life. As long as you come with an open mind, your experience will be pleasant. Similar to taking an online-quiz about one’s personality, Tarot readings simply help you learn about yourself.

This isn’t my first time with tarot card reading. I think this is my fourth time to do so. I’m not really into it, but I do it for both the fun of it and perhaps to get a little more insight. Master Hanz asked me to put both my hands on a deck of tarot cards while slowly breathing. Inhale….exhale… He also asked me to clear my minds and instead think of the questions I wanted to ask the cards. Then, he asked me to pick three cards first and then twelve more cards.

Master Hanz knew right away that I’m still single at my age after flipping the  first few tarot cards. But what had surprised me was that he also knew exactly where my boyfriend used to work even without giving him a hint or saying anything that will allow him to learn that. How did learn that? I dunno. Ask him. But that's how good he was. 

Feng Shui Master Hanz Cua also does palm reading.

I won’t divulge much of what he had said about my future or my destiny. Some of them are simply too personal that saying it here on my blog may just be a bit too much and I’m no celebrity and I’d rather keep some things in my life the way it is—private. 
While gaining some insights into my personality during the reading,  Master Hanz helped interpret the messages revealed through the cards and gave me some ideas for various areas of my life (career, relationships, self discovery).

Master Hanz said I had a pretty good future ahead of me. I just need a little more push with my life putting emphasis on my career. I need to motivate myself more and to become more focused and soon things will eventually fall into their right places. He also said I need to have a regular means of income. And that I should give my mom something to work at so she won’t be bored at home. Perhaps a small business for her to manage so she’ll have her hands full.

Master Hanz also warned me about taking good care of my health. I do have a tendency to stress out and overwork. And my eye doctors would always remind me to slow down and chill as doing so would bring too much pressure on my retinopathy. (I am diabetic and my right eye has already been severely damaged and thank God I still have my vision.)

There are available charms to bring in good luck. 

Lastly, I was given three questions I could ask with the cards giving me answers. Questions could range from love-life/relationship, to career, health or any other life areas you may have questions about. Some of the answers I received definitely gave me serious food for thought and I left the session in reflection about my life and the messages I had received. Overall, I had a very pleasant tarot card reading experience with Master Hanz. He was very helpful in guiding me through the session and her was receptive in answering all the queries I had and everything I thought was unclear about.
Before the said tarot reading session was over, Master Hanz explained to me that any outcome of the cards about the future could still be influenced by oneself as he believes that we do not live a pre-destined life but rather have influence on the outcome of our destiny.  The key to a good life is to simply know one's purpose and do it really well. And the most important thing in this life is to know yourself--know who you are. 

Should you consider a tarot card reading session?

Visit Master Hanz and book an appointment with him if you feel any of the following:

  • You'd want to learn more about yourself. 
  • Need help with life decisions.
  • You're interested to know more about Tarot Card Reading.
  • Wants to try new things and is intrigued with esoteric practices/stuff. 
Check out Master Hanz Cua at the 8 Treasures House of Mystical Charms booth, Level 1 of Shangrila Plaza Mall  (near Zara) in Mandaluyong City. Send an SMS to 0922-829-0382 or visit his website at You may also email him at

Master Hanz also offers services on Astrology, Tarot, Face Reading, Chakra Meditation and Palm Reading. 

Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this post. Opinions expressed are 100% my own. 


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