Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Skin House Beauty and Laser Clinic's Revlite Facial Laser Review

Just like many young ladies out there (Okay, I know I’m not that young anymore, but that’s beside the point), I’m not quite contented with my looks. I have the usual grudges—I have uneven skin complexion with a few red itchy blotches right here and there, not to mention, I was told I had a skin condition called Rosacea—you get the gist. 

Many times during a girly chat, I have mentioned my desire to undergo treatment procedures which would help me achieve supple and younger looking skin. There’s also this desire in me to get fairer skin, I guess it’s pretty normal for most Filipinas who are known to be ‘morena.’ So when I got invited to review the latest innovation on skin care via Revlite Facial Laser Treatment at Skin House Beauty and Laser Clinic, I immediately agreed.

But then again, I have to consider that I have very low (in fact, almost non-existent) threshold for pain. Yet I braved the weekday traffic just to get to Skin House’s Beauty and Laser Clinic Retiro branch in Quezon City that morning, so there’ practically no turning back. I HAD to give it a try. Although I know there are countless skincare clinics/dermatologists/aesthetics clinics in the country, I decided on Skin House because as they say, “There’s always the first time.” So I went there to see for myself what they could offer me.  


Prior to my visit, I was asked not to use any skin whitening product except for the usual sunblock so as not to contraindicate with the Revlite Facial Laser Treatment which I’m about to undergo. If you will notice, below is a close-up picture of my face, so you could very well see the blotches I've been talking about a while ago.


I was then led into a room—I didn’t dare take any photos during the procedure because it felt like being snapped with rubber bands several times on my face. But anyway, the procedure promised to smoothen my skin’s surface, refine its texture and increase clarity and radiance. So yes please! As they say in the vernacular, “Tiis ganda lang ate!”

The Revlite Facial Laser Treatment sounded good. But when I was told by the therapist that the said procedure would be somewhat uncomfortable to begin with, perhaps it was apparent that I was quite hesitant to try it. But she (therapist) promised me it will be worth it and I’ll instantly see the results upon my first try. During the brief consultation, she asked what were my skin concerns (to which I told her I wanted to remove some of the spots). But then I was so won over by the promise after the said treatment so I gave it a go. (With a little sign of the cross!)

The procedure began with facial cleansing. Ahhh…it was refreshing. Then I was asked to wear the glasses—to prevent my eyes from the laser. "Sonofab*** this hurts." Since I had my eyes closed, I didn’t know what was going on. But I could feel a pricking electrical sensation. This went all over my face—every single, blemish and zones. This went on for about 15-20 minutes. (I think pain tends to make time pass slower.)
The therapist will ask you if you want to have everything redone again for the second round. I guess I was brave enough to try it the second time around and perhaps it’s not as bad and it’s more tolerable this time. Well, it could be because I had gotten used to it.
And I’m done! I’m not sure if I’ve missed out any steps but the entire process, including waiting, brief consultation time and the actual procedure itself was like less than 30 minutes. Now I was totally expecting a red splotchy face due to the extensive laser treatment, but it wasn’t all splotchy red, just a few spots here and there. Finally, I was given Hydroquinone Cream to prevent infection and was told not to wash my face in the next 6 hours and avoid sunlight as much as possible in the next two weeks. 


You will notice the before and after shots on the photo below. 

Ta-dah!: Taken indoors under fluroscent lighting

I, frigging love it. There’s no downtime, and my skin was instantly smoother, my upper lip was hair-free, my skin smoother, firmer, fairer and more radiant. Over the next few days, I found my makeup really glided across my face and I didn’t need to use concealers or BB creams anymore or even photo filters when I take picture selfies. What’s more, my skin was so smooth that I had a glow to my face!

Taken outdoors a day after I've had the Revlite Facial Laser Treatment 

I loved how my face glows! For Php7,000 per session (you'll be able to save more on packages as each session only costs Php3,,600 each when in packages) and with instant results, if you have extra money or budget to spare, I don't see any reason why you shouldn't try it. Go, try it out--you won't be disappointed! 

Skin House Beauty and Laser Clinic is located at 170 Mayon Street near Retiro, Quezon City. Call them at (63) 917-898-SKIN (7546) for more information. Like them on Facebook.

Disclaimer: i am not compensated for this post. Opinions expressed are 100% my own. 

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