Friday, June 24, 2016

Happy Home Solutions: Sharp Plasmacluster Products that helps protect our families

Ms. Rosalyn, an executive from Sharp Philippines

Perhaps I should thank my parents because we do not have any history of asthma in our genes. I could imagine the difficulties that a household had to face when one member (or worse, everyone in the family) had asthma. With all the terrible allergies to dust, paint and other stuff we’re all exposed to, they trigger the allergens resulting to runny nose, continuous sneezing and swollen red eyes.
As mommies, it is our main duty to make sure that our households are free off allergens to assure us that our family will be safe and healthy. It’s a good thing that there are now available innovative products that helps us with that duty of protecting our family. Sharp, a renowned and trusted brand by many Filipinos introduces Plasmacluster Ion Technology, a unique air purifying solution meant to reduce asthma symptoms and other diseases caused by poor air inside the home. Would you believe that aside from making sure that the air we breath are free off harmful radicals, Plasmacluster now has a mosquito catcher feature? That's dual purpose and indeed very innovative, making our lives easier to protect our families better.

For a home to be a true sanctuary, it should be more than just beautiful or relaxing. Literally a shelter from the outside world, it should promote one’s well-being, providing ideal conditions that eliminate threats to one’s health.
Sharp’s Plasmacluster Ion Technology is a revolutionary solution that draws inspiration from our own natural defenses. In 1998, then Sharp researcher (now Team Chief for Health and Environmental Systems, Air Purification Division) Kazuo Nishikawa looked at the state of air purification at the time, and realized that the methods they were using had reached the limits of their effectiveness. Deciding that something needed to be done, he began to study air purification technique, determined to make indoor air safer to breathe, especially for children.
An employee from Sharp demonstrates how the filter works

Plasmacluster Ion Technology is an air purifying technology that is capable of suppressing the effects of airborne viruses, bacteria, microbes, allergens, and other threats. The ions come in contact with the airborne threats in the air, undergoing chemical reactions on their surfaces to form OH radicals. These OH radicals decompose the proteins on the surface membrane of the airborne threats by taking the hydrogen. Without protein, the airborne threats are disabled and in effect, deactivated. The hydrogen then combines with OH radicals, and together they transform into water which is released into the air.

Powered by the exclusive Plasmacluster Ion Technology, this air purifier deactivates up to 99% of airborne allergens, viruses, and bacteria while reducing unwanted odors. Air Purifier UV+ is also equipped with a True HEPA Filter, which can capture 99.97% of particles as tiny as 0.03 microns such as smoke particles, dust, pet dander, and pollen.
In addition, it has a 5-step mosquito-catching mechanism: an effective, chemical- free way to eliminate mosquito threats indoors. The Air Purifier UV+ has a black exterior and emits UV light, both of which attract mosquitoes indoors. The mosquitoes are also enticed to enter the tiny entrances, sucked in with the air purifier’s powerful suction and trapped on a chemical-free glue sheet.

The Sharp Dust Mites Catcher and Vacuum

And for those microscopic dust mites (microscopic insects with a lifespan of two to three months) which are all over our beds, pillows, carpets, and upholstery, I’m glad to know that there’s also a particular product that addresses our needs to get rid of those parasites. Using Sharp Plasmacluster Mite Catcher’s Heat & Clean function, they effectively eliminate dust mites and other allergens on the bed and other textile surfaces. It releases up to 60°C heat to weaken the dust mites’ hold on fibers, while also sanitizing the mattress and reducing its odors. Plasmacluster Ions are also released, deactivating bacteria and microbes living in mattresses, pillows, and cushions. The powerful Cyclone Suction, a strong centrifugal suction force, then removes all particles, pesky dust mites included, from mattresses and other such surfaces.

It’s high time to ditch those dust mites and bid them goodbye. Stop them from continuously making your beds their breeding ground. They cause itchiness, rashes and respiratory problems. With the Mite Catcher is very easy to use and easy to maintain. Using one means you won’t need to air out your mattress in the sun. Changing your bed sheets won’t make your mattress free from dust mites. But you can still sleep on a dust mite-free, thoroughly clean bed with the Plasmacluster Mite Catcher, only from Sharp.

For the music loving Filipinos who love to get together over food and some singing sessions, there's Sharp's own version of the Videoke with a choice of 24" or 32" flat screened TV and speaker as they had partnered with Platinum Karaoke. 

Moms will also be delighted to know they have an affordable washing machine which they claimed to be rat-proof. 

The Sharp Plasmacluster Air Purifier UV+, Plasmacluster Mite Catcher, and Air Purifiers as well as the Sharp Videoke and affordable washing machine are available at leading appliance stores nationwide.
For more information about Plasmacluster Ion Technology, and other exceptional products of Sharp Philippines Corporation, visit or log on and Instagram at @Sharp.PH.
Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this post neither am I given the chance to review any of the above mentioned products. Instead, I was just part of the group they had invited when they held a product presentation so I cannot vouch for the effectivity of their products. 

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