Monday, January 18, 2016

LIFETIME's Man vs Child: Chef Estie Kung in Manila

8-year-old Estie Kung is no ordinary child.

If you're an 8-year-old child, I bet you'd rather be outside playing  with your friends or probably tinkering on your latest gadget. But Estie Kung is different. Rather than playing, she's bent on perfecting awesome dishes and whipping out the yummiest food there is. Meet Chef Estie Kung of Chinese-American descent. She's no ordinary child to begin with. Her favorite part of the house is none other than the kitchen which becomes her playground. 

We were delighted to get to meet Estie Kung in person as she had recently visited Manila to promote Man VS. Child: Chef Showdown. Lifetime’s culinary competition series, MAN VS. CHILD: CHEF SHOWDOWN, pits some of the world's most talented young cooks against the very people they look up to professionally trained, adult chefs. 

Chef Sau del Rosario gamely challenges Chef Estie Kung in a cooking showdown

In each episode of MAN VS CHILD: CHEF SHOWDOWN, a team of five child cooking prodigies will challenge a prolific executive-level chef in the kitchen, where they will defend their culinary abilities. Will raw talent and imagination prove to be enough for the first generation of kids raised on cooking shows? 

These two chefs gamely posed before the cameras

For the said launch, award-winning chef Sau Del Rosario whips up a mean risotto against Chef Estie Kung's own dish. Chef Estie's skills were put a test as she was pitted against Filipino chef Sau whose expertise is known all over the country. 

Chef Estie is busy at work whipping out a yummy dish. 
Chef Sau Del Rosario and Chef Estie Kung with their yummy dishes

Brace youselves as great chefs will be put to the ultimate test, against the food stars of tomorrow. Each week, a new executive chef will face off against the team of minor masters. The competitors' overall aptitude and areas of expertise will be tested in three dynamic cooking rounds as they're challenged to create a different dish, under unusual circumstances.

Man vs. Child Premieres 26 January, Tuesdays at 7pm (SIN/HK) on Lifetime Channel

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