Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Direct Selling as a Gen Y’s Tool for Empowerment

Press release:

1.8 B people globally, out of the 7M people belong to the Generation Y or the millennials, who are coincidentally, the largest generation alive today. They are highly influential, affecting each other’s’ and their seniors’ purchasing decisions. In 2018, they are projected to outpace the Baby boomer’s earnings (www.millenialweek.com). 

Millennials, being the first digital natives, are very much aware of the endless possibilities that today’s hyper connected, technologically advanced world has to offer. They consume the internet and most especially, social media voraciously and so, they pose endless questions like “How can I earn enough to buy the things I want, and visit the places I want?” “Why do I still need to go to an office and punch a clock?”  “Or better yet, why can’t I work from home?”  “Which of today’s companies would be interested in a cleaner, safer planet, not just profits?”  These are questions that many from the Generation Y or the so called Millennials, are looking to answer and achieve, day in and out. 

However, this knowledge of the world’s possibilities does not necessarily translate to the ability to achieve life goals. Since traditional methods of earning money just don’t afford the time or the resources that millennials yearn for, to make all their questions and wants realized,  they need a career that will enable them to live an empowered life the way they want, on their terms and at their pace.

This is where direct selling companies come in. Direct selling companies offer time, flexibility and control that traditional careers do not offer.
“The work I do in my business is refreshing, energizing, and empowering. As my own business owner, I help people win the time and create the resources to do the things that matter to them. These range from becoming hands-on parents, owning their first cars or homes, or being able to retire a loved one who’s working abroad,” says Ryan Fernandez, a millennial living the Gen Y dream through Amway, the global leader in direct selling.  “By having my own business, I get to design my life the way I see it fit—travelling when and where I can and want; spending time with my friends and family; and pursuing my passion for art and photography. I couldn’t do all those if I had to ask permission from a boss, but I’ve seen so many young people do it in the Philippine market,” Fernandez added.

Amway, which has been around for 60 years, takes the guess work out as it addresses concerns that any inquisitive millennial might have.  Through Amway’s industry leading products such as Nutrilite (the leading health supplement globally) and Artistry (beauty products) and the scientific investment behind each of the brands, complemented by sales and marketing and product trainings, Amway sets up its business owners for the freedom and flexibility and the sound business that will satisfy their Whys. 

About Nutrilite
Celebrating 80 years in 2014, the Nutrilite™ brand, exclusively by Amway, is the world’s number one selling brand of vitamins and dietary supplements. (Source: Euromonitor International Limited, www.euromonitor.com/amway-claims) Backed by 80 years of science and research, the Nutrilite team has perfected a proprietary "seed to supplement" practice to preserve potency and maximize the consistency, efficacy and safety of its products. Nutrilite products are developed for personal daily nutrition, heart health, strong bones and weight management. The Nutrilite brand is the only global vitamin and mineral brand to grow, harvest and process plants on its own certified organic farms, which are located in the United States, Mexico and Brazil. (Source: Euromonitor International Limited, www.euromonitor.com/amway-claims) More information is available at facebook.com/Nutrilite or at twitter.com/Nutrilite.

About Amway
Amway is an $11.8 billion direct-selling business based in Ada, Michigan, USA. Top-selling brands for Amway are Nutrilite™ vitamin, mineral and dietary supplements, Artistry™ skincare and color cosmetics, and eSpring™ water treatment systems – all sold exclusively by Amway Business Owners. Global sales in 2013 made Amway the number one direct selling business in the world, according to the Direct Selling News 2014 Global 100. For company news, visit globalnews.amway.com.

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