Friday, November 13, 2015

View Park Hotel Tagaytay Review: The perfect getaway + staycation surprise

When you’ve been traveling for quite some time now, you develop a certain skeptical attitude towards hotels and other destinations—because let’s admit it, too often they may not look as good as they are in the pictures or brochures. But surprisingly, that’s not the case with View Park Hotel in Tagaytay. In fact, it’s but only fitting that I give a review of the said chic hotel because they had actually exceeded beyond my expectations both in service and with the look of the hotel. 

Located on Calamba Road, Sungay East in Tagaytay City, any weary traveler won’t miss its green sign because it is strategically located just right across one of Tagaytay’s favorite family destinations, The Picnic Grove. It’s also a few blocks away from Our Lady of Manaoag Church and The Development Association of the Philippines. Finding View Park gives the weary traveler a home away from home. What made me say so? Well, you are being greeted with a warm smile by any of their staff each time they meet you while you’re in the hotel vicinity. And mind you, the staff is genuinely nice and not some put on unlike other hotel staff I’ve previously met before whose smiles quickly disappear and makes you feel like those smiles are like shovels left in the rain.


View Park Hotel Tagaytay gives one a perfect vacation, especially for couples who would like to pop-up the question [read: marriage proposals], give your significant other a surprise on his or her birthday and on your anniversaries. For a minimum of Php1,000++ (depending on what you need) the View Park Hotel friendly staff and crew will be able to roll out every little thing that you need [from the flower petals, to the instant flash mob, perhaps you can even squeeze in a string quartet for that overall romantic ambiance all the way down to making a small skit where everyone else participates on your surprise, to the wine up to the littlest detail you can think of]. And yes, they can customize each surprise, according to your liking and demands too. They’ll even give you a free sketch of your significant other as a simple remembrance of the said surprise. Oh, I swear I could go on talking about View Park Hotel’s surprise treat because I can guarantee, it would make any lady swoon with kilig and sparkles in her eyes that she wouldn’t say no when someone pops that proverbial question. 

Honestly, the said View Park Hotel’s special surprise package offer gave me the impression that giving one a sweet surprise isn’t too far-fetched nor it is expensive at all. Imagine, for a thousand bucks, you can make your significant other extremely happy? It makes a marriage proposal hassle-free and stress-free not to mention truly affordable as it doesn’t need to burn some holes in your pocket. I remember how I wanted as a teen to get married to the Caleruega Church on Batulao, Nasugbu, Batangas. Now, I know where I could spend my honeymoon and first year with my SO. But I guess I’m thinking way too advance…I need to find my groom and make him pop that question first before anything else. My apologies, I had gotten so excited with the hotel’s surprise treat for their guests that I wished I would be able to receive the same surprise myself. Anyway, let’s move on with the topic. The thing is, if you want to give your SO or any special someone/loved one a special and memorable surprise, look no further—View Park Hotel has the answer.   

If you have noticed, purple is my ultimate favorite color of all time. Hence, I’ve named my blog Purple Plum Fairy. If you’ve been reading my blog, you’ll know that I truly love everything and anything in purple. So when I booked with View Park Hotel and was given a purple colored wall premium room, I was over the moon! If you’re looking for a nice view of the Taal Volcano, unfortunately, View Park Hotel doesn’t have that. But the hotel has a lot more to offer than just a mere good view. They’ve got in-house spa where guests can avail of their signature massages as well as other spa treatments. View Park Hotel also has two humble swimming pools [one for adults which is around 5-feet and another pool for the kids] if you’re like me [I’m like a huge barracuda out of water] who’s brave enough to dip into the pool on a cold Tagaytay weather.

View Park Hotel also has function rooms that can accommodate 100-160 pax. They have an awesome gazebo where one could simply cuddle a good book and enjoy the cold Tagaytay breeze. They also have an upper deck where you could chill out and converse with a friend while having a cup of hot chocolate or coffee. And get this, if you’d like to have a Christian wedding, you could also have them arrange at the hotel’s garden. How convenient and wonderful, indeed! Oh, geez, forgive me for talking about wedding again. But I just couldn’t help but gush just by the thought of it being a hopeless romantic [Yeah, I could hear you. Alright, I know I’m not getting any younger. And just like every girl, there would be times when I dream of being married to someone I love and loves me back in return. After all, I wanted to get married just once in my lifetime. But then, that’s an altogether different blog post.]

So what it is about View Park Hotel Tagaytay that’s made it any different from other chic hotels I’ve ever been to? I don’t know if I’m supposed to say this out loud, but here’s a tiny little secret I’d love to share with you—they’ve got dancing staff and crew! Yup, you’re reading it right. While guests are busy eating their breakfast buffet, the View Park Hotel staff and crew [from the good looking front desk staff all the way down to the chambermaids] would perform dance production numbers to the delight of the guests. They would entertain their guests with their awesome performances as you dig in your food. During my stay with a girlfriend [I would’ve wanted to tag along a boyfriend instead, but then I’m thinking of ‘reserving such moment with him’ if and when eventually we’ll get married.], the awesome View Park Hotel staff and crew also danced such energetic production numbers while we were having our dinner and just chilling out at Red Lemon Grill and Bar [which incidentally will be renamed into an all-Filipino resto which will be called ‘Siglo’ soon.]. 

Another thing I’d like to commend about View Park Hotel was their generosity and genuine concern for their guests. I went to Tagaytay that weekend to unload, recharge and vent out whatever negativity I’ve had in me. I’ve been recuperating from a focal eye laser recently, so it was such timely that I went up to Tagaytay City for some quality ‘me-time.’ During my so-called staycation, I couldn’t help but be extremely emotional as I had unloaded stuff to my girlfriend. You know, the kind that usually happens between girl bonding. The View Park Hotel staff saw me in my most vulnerable self. I was crying uncontrollably as I tell my friend all my heartaches and heartbreaks. I was so caught up emotionally that I didn’t really mind what the hell was going on with the other people around me. The View Park Hotel’s staff had seen all of my ‘dramatic moments.’  I was crying hard as I needed to get it off my chest. After such crying episodes, my friend and I went to Red Lemon Grill. While I was picking on their crispy fried squid calamares, Seeing how my eyes had been swollen, it was such a thoughtful gesture from @viewparkhotel to give me a warm cup of chocolate with the quote "All you need is love. But a little chocolate now & then doesn't hurt."-Charles M. Schulz. Yes, they have given me a cup of cup of hot choco, on the house to make me feel good and allow my endorphin hormones released. They also performed two surprise production numbers which have truly entertained me and somehow painted back the smile on my face. I really appreciate such gesture from the staff and crew of View Park Hotel.

Now with regards to the rooms, the comfy bed is quite high when compared to other hotels I went to, which is such a good thing because it allows you to have an ample sound sleep. We’ve had no problems or whatsoever with the shower room except maybe they should create some more handle bars on the door and inside the shower room itself for PWDs.

But the hotel is indeed perfect for couples who want a quick escape from the city. The location is quiet and secluded from the Main street, but still not too far from the restaurants. The rooms are warm and cozy, with relaxing interiors and the staff are friendly and with efficient service. I think the only downside I could say about View Park Hotel would be their wi-fi connection. The internet is spotty. The good looking young lad, Mr. Kobe Jerald Pasahol, View Park Hotel’s account executive officer, explained that WiFi had always been their problem. It seems that it’s the part of Tagaytay that has the least signals, thus internet had been quite bad. And they’re seriously taking on our suggestion that once Telstra comes to the country, they’d better change their service provider. Overall, I’d say that View Park Hotel definitely gives travelers and hotel guests an awesome + memorable experience! Two thumbs up! I’d certainly be back for more staycation. And who knows? Should there be a need for me  to surprise someone, I know exactly whom to ask for some help and call—View Park Hotel would be it, of course!

I'd have to say we were pretty impressed by what we had seen and experienced. View Park Hotel boasts of modern facilities, well-appointed, cozy and clean rooms that are well designed—with comfy beds made with weary travelers in mind with hot and cold showers which are pretty much similar to those found in five-star hotels.

View Park Hotel continues to grow and expand in the next coming months. They guarantee excellent service + wonderful accommodation which nevertheless showcases the genuine Filipino hospitality. I am no longer surprised that View Park Hotel had been gaining popularity and loyal clientele in the country. To all the lovely staff of View Park Hotel, thank you so much for making our stay not only enjoyable but also memorable. See you guys again soon! I’d definitely be back and will highly recommend the hotel to friends because I know they’ll also have fun during their stay at View Park Hotel.

Miko Sy, View Park Hotel's Kobe Pasahol and Purple Plum Fairy

Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this post. Opinions expressed are 100% my own. 


  1. Wow! What a great and extensive review, vance! I love it! I love how they put you in a purple room- just because..;) Speaking of surprises, they surprised us so many times as well- but the winner was our Anniversary and Corona nights! Hope to see you again soon - either in Manila or at view park hotel! :)

  2. Thank you, Vance! Ang ganda ng hotel!!!


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