Thursday, July 9, 2015

Shopback Ph Review: Promos, Coupons Discounts + Benefits

I’m an online shopper. Just like most netizens  I enjoy the convenience of purchasing the things that I need by simply clicking my mouse and hitting that shopping cart button.  I would often find myself guilty for splurge shopping but I recently stumbled upon where aside from getting the item you’ve actually paid for, you could even earn some of that money back. Isn’t that cool? Yes, you could earn some cash from that new dress you’ve purchased! That’s like having a “win-win” situation right? I bet you’re all excited shopaholics! Read on… is curated to take consumers into a unique online shopping experience. In terms of browsability, speed and ease of checkout, opportunity to avoid paying for delivery, accessibility and reliability  of customer services in case things need to be returned etc., this is very important as a consumer, knowing that I can return an item easily if it doesn’t fit or work on me is an incentive to buy more, and more sites should adopt policies to facilitate returns. And the best part of all, give buyers/consumers incentive for every product they purchase, that’s on top of the amazing discounts you get from your favorite online shops.

They say shopping is therapeutic. If this is true, then you’re sure to be raking lots of money using each time you’re stressed, depressed or simply needs to splurge. is a cashback site that pays consumers to shop online.  How does it work? Simple!

Head over their site at on your browser. It will direct you to ShopBack’s website where there will be legit online merchants. Familiar shopping sites such as Lazada, Zalora, Groupon, Ebay will be seen along with travel deals + a whole lot more. Make sure to Bookmark to make your next visit a lot easier.

But of course, in order to enjoy the site more, you’ve got register first. There are two ways to register, either linking through your Facebook account or via email. Once registered, you will be receiving a confirmation email.  For Facebook, once you’ve clicked on the blue “OK” button, you’ll get directed to different pop-ups, there are instructions on how you should set your browser so that cookies are enabled and your shopping purchases can be tracked by Shopback. This is very important for getting your money back when you spend online via Shopback. Once you’re done with that, click on the green “Start Shopping” button and enjoy!
At the home screen, you will see different merchants with how much you can get back when you shop at each of them., You’ll also notice on the top left frame that your cash is set to $0.00.

When you’ve decided to use a promotion or a bonus, note down any coupon codes and click on the red “Get Cashback” button. If you’re selecting a discount code, this means you’ll be benefitting from a discount and getting cash back on top of that. You’ll be re-directed to the online store itself and you can then shop, place your order and make your purchase as per usual. Once you have made a payment, Shopback tracks how much you have paid for your items and you’ll get a percentage of it back. Depending on the merchant, this amount will vary. As I’ve been saying, Shopback will actually allow you to get your money back. Yes, we’re talking about real dollars here. They could be sent to you via your Paypal account [if you do have one] or your regular bank account. Shopbank partners with local banks and all you need to do to get your money credited into your account is to provide your details. Once you’ve filled in your bank details, click on the red “Set Payment Method” button and you’re set! Just sit back and wait for the cash back to be confirmed and categorised under “Redeemable” instead of “Pending.” Then, voila! Request for cash out and check out the balance of your personal bank account.
Shopback’s website is so user-friendly. It’s easy to navigate even for first-time online shoppers. They’ve got everything covered from clothing to foods and hotel accommodations + destination packages for travel junkies. Indeed, it’s a one-stop shop for your online shopping needs. You can check out some of Shopback’s Luxola coupons or ASOS vouchers
What are you waiting for dear friends? Sign up and register now to get these amazing shopping benefits + discounts while earning back a portion of your purchases. In addition, when you spread the word about Shopback by inviting your friends to sign up, you’ll get $5 cash back when they make a purchase.  Here, here give it a go.
For further information about and become updated on their latest promos, you can visit their Social Media Pages below:

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