Friday, July 24, 2015

Every single day is another beautiful moment spent with my Mom

There may be times when we feel that the world crumbles before us. But life becomes a whole lot easier to bear when we’ve got someone to share our burdens with. In my case, it had always been my Mom. She’s my best friend, my anchor, my confidante, my number one fan, someone who encourages me to reach my dreams but who knows how to keep my feet firmly planted on the ground. I’d say that each single day with my mom is something I consider a blessing. I know just too well how to appreciate each day that comes my way.

I am grateful to be given another chance to show my Mom how much I treasure and love her. I almost lost her in the summer of last year after the two of us suffered from a freak ATV accident in an adventure theme park in Porac, Pampanga that almost cost our lives. 2014 proved to be a traumatic year for our family. Mom’s life had turned 180 degrees after suffering from fractured femur [yes, the longest bone in our body or better known as thigh bone]. She had to be operated and now has partial hip prosthesis. I am thankful her brain though a bit damaged (she had suffered a mild stroke during the accident) did not affect her much. I am also thankful that I am fine—despite being literally thrown under the ATV—it had spared my spine. I could’ve broken my spine but I am so blessed I did not. Aside from bruises, cuts, hematoma and temporary discomfort on my back, arms and lumbar—I’m spared from any serious infliction

 Up until this day, I am very happy and grateful that my Mom and I are still together.  I was on the brink of losing my emotional sanity during the entire ordeal, but I held firmly to my faith. Seeing my mom in such a vegetative state after the said incident made me depressed. My mom used to lead a very healthy lifestyle—she loved doing Zumba and Taebo, she used to play a mean badminton game and she would join marathon fun runs. Sadly, she can no longer do such and she’s required to use a cane for the rest of her life to support her walking. In fact, she became a PWD (person with disability) because of that. She had to learn how to adjust to her ‘new’ lifestyle. Prior to the accident, my mom was a picture of ‘youthfulness’ with ‘child-like’ and adventurous attitude. At 57, she was able to fulfill some of her bucketlists: She went on a Superman zip-line once on a trip to Tagaytay and tried to overcome her fear of heights. She was able to have her first airplane ride and went on to travel in some parts of the country.

As of this writing, we’re still trying to move on and get our lives back together. Mom tries to try to look at things the positive way. Since breaking her hip, hearing the words, “You have osteoporosis” is even more startling. So for quite sometime my mom also went through a phase of depression. But clinging on to God’s promises, both of us knew that all these things shall pass. We thank God for giving us the strength to carry on. It’s true that mom can no longer enjoy the thing she used to do, but she’s realized that she’s still blessed to have been alive and enjoy my company. We’d rather focus on the things which she can still do rather than those she can no longer do. There’s more to life than just sulk in a corner and cry, it’s important to wallow in tears to release your emotions, but after such, we must all learn to wipe those tears away and move on. We were each other’s source of strength. Of course, there were times when we were at the point of breakdown, but we were able to muster all the courage we had.

All of these experiences taught me to let each moment count. Tell your loved ones how much you love them and show each of them their value while they are still physically present to appreciate and reciprocate that love. Life is too short. Let’s start making good and lasting memories with them [loved ones] while you can.

Being a mother is one of the most challenging, life-changing, and loving jobs ever. A mother is a woman who cares for children and raises them to be the best adults they can be.
Moms, what would we be without them? Even when we're grown up, they're still there for us. Edgar A. Guest wrote several poems extolling on mothers. Here's one of them: (excerpts from Unchangeable Mother)

Mothers never change, I guess
In their tender thoughtfulness
All her gentle long life through
She is bent on nursing you
An' although you may be grown
She still claims you as her own,
An' to her you'll always be
Just a youngster at her knee.

My mom embraces aging although she’s still young-at-heart. She understands that she will soon grow all her hair out in salt and pepper and silvery streaks. She will have those shaky hands; she’ll be having those crow’s feet and will have those wrinkles on her forehead. But she will always be an epitome of the fountain of youth. She longs to play with her grandchildren and vows to enjoy their company even as she age. She still looks younger than her age and she’s able to maintain such smooth skin that doesn’t reveal her real age. Her secret? Premium HyC 150!
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I treasure each and every day because I have my Mom with me. Each day I wake up is another precious moment for me to make up for the lost times with my mom. I keep thanking God for the blessing of having a mom like mine. My Mom is so special. I wish that when I reach her age, I would be as young looking as her with the same ‘cool’ positive attitude she possesses.

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