Monday, June 29, 2015

The search is on for the most creative version of Nips jingle at the Nips Pop Fest

The colorful candy-coated chocolate brand, Nips, is bringing back its well-loved jingle as it stages Nips Pop Fest 2015. In partnership with local music channel Myx, the pop fest encourages the youth to present a fresh take on the classic Nips jingle and match it with a creative music video.

More than 2 decades have passed since Nips launched its first television commercial. The colorful clip featured a catchy song that remains nostalgic to the 90’s kids. This year, Nips is hosting a video-making contest to showcase the talents of the youth.

To join, participants must register by logging on to From the website, they can download the mp3 file of Nips jingle and its lyrics. Participants can do their own rendition of the jingle and interpret it through a music video that should also feature Nips products. The music videos can be uploaded to the website untilAugust 14, 2015. Only one entry can be submitted by each participant for the whole duration of the contest.

The final entries will be announced on August 24, 2015 at MYX’s website and Jack ‘n Jill Treat’s Facebook page, A grand prize worth P100,000 and minor prizes worth P50,000 can be won from the following categories: PinakaHaNips (grand winner); HaNips sa Song (best musical score); HaNips sa Lyrics (best in lyrics); HaNips sa Video (best in video execution); HaNips with Nips (best in use of Nips Products); and HaNips sa Fans (fan favorite).

Those who will vote for their favorite entries can also take home prizes. Participants can win P500 weekly on the initial raffle dates ongoing until August 21, and a Hero 4 Black GoPro on the grand raffle on August 24.

Ignite your creativity and unleash your talent through modern renditions of the Nips jingle by joining the Nips Pop Fest 2015. For more information, visit /NIPSPopFest2015.

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