Sunday, June 29, 2014

What Do You Miss Most About Your Childhood?

What happy memories do you have of being a young child that make you think either "those were good times" or "that was good parenting"?

The younger you were at the time, the better. I can not remember too much from my young childhood, besides the warm feeling from sitting in a basket of laundry just come from the dryer, the days my mom would pick me up from grade school and we would eat and talk about anything under the sun. All of these memories leave me with happy, warm feelings about my childhood. I also remember playing with my cousins and reading in my room alot and other minor incidents, but these more mundane memories don't really carry the same emotional weight.

I would like to know if other people have more happy memories from their childhoods and, if so, what are they like? If your parents created loving memories for you, what sorts of things were you doing together? I guess I'm partly trying to understand why some things stick in our minds, to become happy memories, and others don't. As well as how to help create positive memories for a child. (Obviously, "be a good parent/aunt/sitter/friend" is the default answer, but beyond that, what makes the memory?)

What does a person do when she finds that sliver of a moment when she can say she is without a doubt or pretension--truly happy? Does she attempt to freeze time and capture the moment for all eternity? Or does she simply savor the present and hope that cherished memories of the past will be enough to last her when the moment passes. 

Most people love to perpetuate every wonderful moment in life. They say that it is during childhood that one finds true happiness, a time when life was sweet and simple. We asked a random of people on what they miss the most about their childhood. You might be able to relate to them too like I did. I asked a few people on what do they miss most about their childhood and here are their answers: 

"My childhood is the best part of my life because it was perfect. What I miss most about it are not feeling any pressure, stress and emotional pain," --Rose Concepcion-Jimenez, mother of two kids

"I miss playing street games like hide and seek with my playmates. I wish I could still play those games at my age now, but it would be such a shame to do so. Nowadays, kids no longer go out of the house, they content themselves playing with a game console or ipad. Thus, they lack interaction with peers and physical activities."--Lea Jane Jonson

"How I wish I could still bathe in the rain. There's nothing like seeing the rain cascading down our body."--Bernadette De Leon

"As a kid, I used to eat sweet cotton candies, pink popcorns and hotdog waffles that smelling their scent wafting in the air reminds me of my childhood. I wish I'd still get the same excitement and the thrill over eating them and riding in roller coasters at amusement park."--Vangie

"I' m a child of the 80's. I wish I could return to those times when life was so simple and a dollar only equals to Php25.00. That's why I keep my Care Bear stuffed toy with me to remind me of the good times."--Ala Paredes

"The parent imposed rule: Afternoon Siesta or Power Nap"--Geraldine 

"Awaiting the clock to struck at 12 midnight during Christmas eve meant it's time to unwrap our presents under the Christmas tree."--Evangeline Anchores

"Being at peace with the rest of the world. Childhood meant not knowing the cruelty that lies ahead."--Jeanibelle Cuartero

"Knowing fully how to forgive and ultimately to forget. When you're a kid, you don't know how to hold grudges against other people."--Christina Agustin

"Sleeping between Mom and Dad."--Diane Ortega

Personally speaking, I miss being a kid--and by that I mean recognize no immediate responsibilities, and still be undecided about the future. So how different does the world look to you now without the rose-tinted glasses of our childhood? 

Getting old doesn't have to mean letting go of all the dreams of childhood. It is possible to be both carefree and responsible adult in equal doses. Life is wonderful and liberating as a child, but you can still try to do this now, only if you choose to do so. 

There's this quiet moment in your life when you know your life as you know it has indeed changed. Everything just feels different. Not really bad, just different. After all, the familiar can be as insidious as the unknown. So when you feel your world, your colors and your words are a bit more purple, you know you're about to turn a curve. 

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